There are numerous reasons for having a wireless security camera in your office or home which can easily track the moments that what basically is happening in and around. Few days back, a wireless camera caught our glimpse over it and it was none other than the “SpotCam” which is an innovation wireless camera for home monitoring and even recommend people in using the same. Security remains one of the biggest issues in this uncertain world because you never know what happens the next when you come back home from office. People always want to remain alert about the happenings in and around the area of their home and office that actually is safe or not. Further reasons might be that you want to keep a check on your mate while assisting your kids or for any personal reasons.

For every reason, if you need to keep a check on your office or home you need to have a Wireless Security Camera which can help you with the same but for monitoring the entire camera at once you have to sit at one place. Well, don’t you think the same because now “SpotCam HD” can help you in monitoring the camera directly from your home or office easily via your smartphones. In this article, we specifically listed the amazing features of “SpotCam HD” which made it to the topmost choice of the customers.

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Easy Setup
SpotCam HD is a wireless camera for home monitoring is really easy to setup similar to a Wi-Fi router. You just have to plug in the power cord into the SpotCam and it will be easily connected via Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, you need to create an account by navigating to You just don’t need to go through any of the critical processes. check out this setup video for more.


Night Vision Mode with HD Quality
There are very few cameras which features night vision mode but doesn’t really work well in low lights. But, SpotCam is quite an amazing wireless camera featuring night vision mode with 12 IR led light. We all are living in a world of security cameras and having the one with night vision mode is truly a real standard.

HD Quality Even with Night Vision mode

Wireless cameras are great when they are compatible for capturing pictures and videos in 110 degree mode. And here SpotCam is the perfect choice.


Alert in Real Time
Having no alerts in real time is just a fail. SpotCam is one of those innovative security cameras which provide the users with alerts in real time along with motion detectors. You can even connect it with your PC or smartphone for getting alerts, only if they are turned on. Alerts in real time helps in catching thieves red-handed as well as to save our important assets and we can even call the cops in right time.


Social Networking
SpotCam features a cloud storage which allows you in sharing those clicked pictures with your friends and other people via social networking sites. You just need to give those clicked pictures a single click to share the same on social media.


Talking Camera
SpotCam allow people to have a private conversation in order to alert others to stay away from the important assets. It even helps others in listening to what actually you want them to do via speaker and speak up in the microphone which is in-built.

A Talking Camera


Online Recording as well as watching it over multiple platforms
You can easily turn on/off your SpotCam schedule and even watching the recorded videos on SpotCam is quite really a fun. This feature helps while you being away from your home or office.


Videos Privacy
You all are must be aware about the recent incident where iCloud accounts were being hacked by some guys and pictures of famous celebrities were leaked but with SpotCam all the recorded videos as well as pictures are fully secured similar to the bank level. You can easily continue with any of the tasks which you want to. The biggest concern of the people remains the privacy of data which always remain the first preference for people while choosing the best wireless camera for monitoring activities in home and office.

Privacy of Videos


Cloud Storage Service for free and Simple to Fit
While choosing any wireless camera, you must prefer the one having 2 features which include cloud storage as well as which is quite easy and simple to fit in to any place. SpotCam offer people with 1-day free recording as well as fits really well in any place of home or office.

Recently, it was announced that SpotCam HD wireless camera is loaded with new features including “Live Zoom” and “Time Lapse”.


Live Zoom
SpotCam allow people to live zoom the selected area in the videos which further allow them in capturing the details which are sometime missed in full view. It captures videos in 720p high resolution which is simply a great one for capturing every detail. You just need to drag the zoom selection box in order to get a closer view which further focuses on the specific area as well as catch all the details easily.


Time Lapse
Free cloud storage of SpotCam allows video storage up to 24 hours but now with the feature of time lapse, users can easily review recorded videos using the same. You can easily set the time period along with the intervals which help you in customizing the time lapse. This feature makes SpotCam more powerful because it helps in quickly reviewing the artistic vignettes, surveillance footage or video diaries creation.


Availability and Price
Currently, SpotCam is only available at Amazon and Newegg with a price tag of $149.99.

Recording Plans

  • Free- 24 hours recording
  • $3.95 per month or $39 per year- 3 days recording
  • $5.95 per month or $59 per year- 7 days recording
  • $19.95 per month or $199 per year- 30 days recording

If you people are looking for an amazing quality and innovative wireless camera, then SpotCam is the best choice we would like to recommend to you all. At this time, this camera says a lot with its easy installation and setup, easy usage with good quality videos and works simply great.

Are you using any wireless camera at your home or office? What are your thoughts about SpotCam? Do you prefer installing this innovative wireless camera?