In terms of American historical significance, not many cities can compare with Boston. While this city in the northeastern United States may not immediately pop into your mind as a major tourist destination, there are a tremendous amount of things to see and do in this fine city. While the winters in New England can be brutal, the summers can be beautiful and lively. So after all the snow has melted and the temperatures have returned to normal, you might want to take your significant other on a romantic getaway to Boston. Likewise, Boston is also a suitable place for a family vacation. Here are some things to see during a spectacular vacation in Boston.



Old North Church: Easily the most historically significant church in the entire United States, the Old North Church played a key role in the victory over the British that allowed the United States to be formed. The famous tale of Paul Revere’s midnight ride is the stuff of legends. It has been depicted in countless movies and TV shows. Of course, Revere’s ride would not have been possible if not for the pair of lanterns hanging from the tower of the church, telling him that the British would be coming by sea. This is one of the most famous events in American history. A visit to the Old North Church will take you back to that fateful night that help determine the destiny of an entire nation. The church still holds services on a regular basis.

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Boston Tea Party Museum and Ships: Another key historical event that took place in Boston is the Boston Tea Party. This event was one of the major historical turning points in the forming of the United States. The event took place at the Boston Harbor and helped to create a massive swell of support against the increase in taxes. Visiting the museum will enlighten you about all of the people who were involved, as well as the events leading up to the tea party itself. If you are a fan of American history, this is a place that you must be sure to check out during your trip to Boston. You will also be able to go aboard ships that were designed to be exactly like the ships that were a part of the tea party.


Fenway Park: Fenway Park is home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Aside from being one of the most beloved sporting facilities in the world, it has been designated a national landmark. The park has been in continuous use since if first opened all the way back in 1912. While it has undergone some significant changes since the days when Ted Williams patrolled the outfield, the park still has much of the same charm it did many decades ago. If you are even a casual fan of baseball, you must try to get tickets to a Red Sox game when they are in town. However, tickets are always tough to come by, so you will need to pay more than face value. If possible, you should try to score some tickets for the “monster seats” above the Green Monster in left field.