Uber has changed the way people get around cities. By building out a social network of riders and driver partners, the company has created flexible opportunities for drivers while offering a service that is safe and reliable for its broad network of customers. While most people have at least heard of Uber, many do not know about all the special advantages that come with Uber rides. Check out the amazing perks that Uber offers its customers and driver partners.

Get Awesome Discounts on Your First Ride With Uber

Uber offers huge discounts for new users. When you first sign up online, be sure to claim your promo code to get a discount on your first ride!

Get Free Rides for Referring a Friend

Uber HQ in San FranciscoImage via Flickr by Steve Rhodes

When you sign up with Uber, you receive a personal code that you can share with people who are not yet Uber users. When your friends, family, and coworkers use your code and then take a first trip, you’ll get a free ride up to $20 added to your account.

Uber Has Contests and Giveaways

To encourage customer loyalty and higher ridership, Uber regularly hosts contests and giveaways for customers who regularly use their service . In the past, the company has given away up to a year’s worth of free rides, t-shirts, and other goodies. Many contests and special offers are city-specific, so following Uber’s newsroom for your city is the best way to find out about new contests and deals for where you live.

More Convenience and Safety

Uber rides are completely cashless. This keeps everything safe and convenient for both riders and Uber’s driver partners. When you ride with Uber, the card on your account is automatically charged, and you receive an electronic receipt.

Know the Price Before You Ride

Uber takes the guessing out of how much a ride will cost you. The Uber app lets you input pickups and destinations to estimate how much a trip will cost before you book it.

No More IOUs

IOUImage via Flickr by Images_of_Money

The Uber app allows you to split your fare with other riders using your mobile phone. That way, there are no more excuses about who has cash on hand or who left their wallet behind. You also won’t have to worry about who to pay back.

Track Your Ride

Uber ensures you don’t have to wonder where your ride is or when it will arrive. The Uber app allows customers to book a ride and immediately track where it is.

GPS Reservations

Uber in BeijingImage via Flickr by bfishadow

Uber users don’t need to know their exact location. When you use the app to book a ride, it can automatically access your GPS location to see which car is closest to you and send your information to the driver partner to pick you up.

Drive Where You Ride

Uber works with driver partners. If you have a car and some extra time, you could partner up with Uber to become a driver partner and make some extra cash.

Uber has revolutionized catching a ride. The company has empowered its customers and driver partners with opportunities to save tons and make extra cash. Using the advanced app, Uber has made booking a trip completely transparent, reliable, convenient, and safe for users and driver partners alike.