Hey, people! Do you know that people don’t really like you sounding like a wimp even if you have such amazing ideas to share? Do you know why? Because you lack confidence. No matter whether your ideas are mediocre, if you will share them with confidence, they would seem to be profound. Luckily, it is not difficult to sound confident even if you’re not. The confidence is one of those traits in a person which everyone admires the most and sometimes laments because of its absence in ourselves.

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Though some people are born confident, but confidence is a skill which everyone can acquire easily. Most of the people are well aware of the confidence which is much more about the appearance and the feelings. Today, I am here with you all to share some tips and tricks on how to sound confident even if you’re not. And I am pretty much sure that these tips will surely go to help you all in achieving success in all the public-speaking situations.

Consider yourself as an Audience’s equal

You just need to find the commonalities or the similarities between you and your audience. If you won’t be humbly entreating, then you won’t sound confident to the other person. For instance, consider yourself as a CEO if you are having a conversation with a CEO. It is really important to consider yourself equal to our audience in order to be more confident.

Practice and Rehearse the sentences Mentally

If you really want to do well, just practice. When you are nervous about a situation, then it is important to practice beforehand. One of the best ways is to record your conversation and figure out the pace and pauses. It even helps in evaluating the voice for volume and clarity. Before speaking, just take brief moments to imagine what you actually want to say. If you will speak your half-baked sentences, then you will trip over your own words and the audience will judge that you are low in confidence. Just take a few pauses after completing a sentence as those pauses look wise and thoughtful.

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Speak from your Chest

If you are nervous, your voice would tend to move high and eventually the sound will emerge from the nose or throat. This way your sound will be like a whinning horse to the audience. Just move your voice to the chest and you will sound more confident.

Speak slow

If you will talk fast, you will express your nervousness. So, if you are a real expert then speak slow and clear. Just allow your listeners to hang over on to your words. If you will slow down your audience will feel comfortable in having a conversation with you rather than you are talking to them. Don’t speak too slow or else your audience will sleep and if you speak fast then you might express your nervousness.

Use Hands

It is really important to accompany your message with the body language because the audience will perceive more positive traits in you while using the gestures. Physical gestures like touching hair or fiddling with the clothes express a lack of confidence but using your hands while speaking your points shows your knowledge and excitement while communicating with the audience.

Elimination of the verbal Ticks or Caveats and Filler Phrases

Avoid using the verbal ticks like I mean, Uh, You know, etc. as these words sound like you are unsure about your words. So, it is better to give a silent pause between your sentences. If you need, then you can record and practice as well. The filler phrases or caveats are just the matter of habit and damage your confidence tone.

Stay Hydrated

Before attending any presentation or meeting, just make sure to keep yourself hydrated as it will help you in soothing and preparing your vocal cords. Hydration is really important for the speakers as it helps in keeping the vocal cords moisturized as well as enhances the sound. For the best results, take water throughout the day and remain ahead of the curve.

Avoid articulating the statements

Just make those statements which express your confidence and reflect your opinions, your knowledge. Avoid articulating the statements as questions because your simple sentence will also turn into a plea of approval if given a little uptick. If you have any doubt, you must ask a question rather than mixing up the two. If you are projecting your ideas, then don’t let your voice creep at the end of the sentence. You just have to maintain the voice tone and finish your sentences with pauses, not with the question marks.

Express Gratitude

There is a strong link between confidence and gratitude. Expressing your gratitude to people helps in creating a positive atmosphere where a message is delivered to all that all is moving perfectly in a forward direction. Just start your conversation by expressing gratitude towards your coworkers, achievements, and contributions which will help you in conveying your confidence from the beginning itself.

Maintain Good Posture

Before your meeting or interview, just roll your shoulders and hold your head high up which will help you in looking confident and improve your voice sound as well. Good posture will help you in breathing in-out properly through the abdomen and you will be able to project your voice clearly. So, take a deep breath, stand or sit straight for maximizing the power of voice.

Great success is only achieved when you are confident because confidence gives other people a self-assurance about you as trustworthy individuals who are calm and composed. Someone asked me recently that he feel nervous every time while being in a meeting, so here I came up with the tips and tricks on how to sound confident even if you are not. And I am sure that these above-listed tricks will definitely help you in expressing yourself as a confident person. Take a deep breath and show yourself as a confident person.