It is so simple for someone else to use your adsense ads code. I have seen many AdSense publishers complaining in forum and AdSense help center about that someone else using their adsense ads on the website which isn’t authorized. also i heard about that someones account was disabled due to some Google AdSense policy violations by the site which never approved by Google AdSense. So, how to find that website that using your adsense ads? how to stop someone to use your AdSense ads?

What to do When Someone Else Using Your AdSense Ads ?If you have same question and looking for the best answer, Then you are at right place. here i am going to show how you can protect your AdSense account and stop someone else to use your adsense ads. actually, it is hard to go and tell one by one to remove your ads from their blog. So, we will go and tell directly to AdSense that Please consider my authorized websites only for this AdSense account. ;)

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You can see the reports of site where running your AdSense ads code by going from your AdSense Dashboard > View Reports > Select “Sites” option from the menu located at the left side.
AdSense Sites Report

As you can see above image, i don’t know, why and how this appearing in AdSense report even these sites are not authorized. I don’t know what the propose of this or they used it inadvertently. if you find the same in your AdSense report and don’t want them to use your AdSense ads then know, what i did by following steps given below.

1. Go to AdSense Dashboard > Settings > Ad Display > Site authorization
2. Check on the check box with the option “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account” to enable text area box.  In the text area, you will need to add only your authorized websites to be able to use your adsense ads.
3. Finally , Save your settings and you’re done !

Google AdSense Site Authorization
Now, the ads will continue to appear in the none-authorized websites but they will not be counted for any purpose.