Do you get butterflies in your stomach while thinking about your crush? Do you freeze down when someone looks at you in a certain way? Maybe you just forget what to talk about and from where to start? Having a crush on someone is one of the most infected virus yet delicious kind of disease that everybody wants to get. If you are having a crush on someone, you may feel like a wounded soldier in the battlefield. Your thoughts will be filled with your crush’s voice, face and what not.

You will always feel like chatting with your special one. But the thing that confuses many is how to start with the conversation, what to ask and what not. Don’t need to worry more as in this article you will find Some Interesting Questions to ask your Crush. Asking questions to your crush is never an easy thing to get going but if you really wish to ask your boyfriend or your girlfriend, then the first thing that you need to do is to have a conversation with him. Probably the first thing that you need to do is to be friend with the person asking for a date with your crush or even with the person whom you prefer to be. Having a moment of time with your crush could be interesting and also it might give you one of the best things that you require.


Some Interesting Questions to Ask your Crush

Before you proceed further with your thoughts about your crush, you should have some interesting conversation as well. Here you will find out some of the interesting questions that you can ask your crush.

#1 What is a favourite Childhood Memory of Yours?

#2 Is there anything that scares you?

#3 What’s Your Favourite City and Why?

#4 What would be a great Date Night?

#5 What’s The Thing You like The Most in Your Work?

#6 If You Would Have Three Wishes Granted, What would they be?

#7 What should you be looking for if you searched for your Dream Woman/Man?

#8 How can someone so attractive like you not have any Relationship partner like a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend?

#9 How long have you been working out or Hitting Out?

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#10 Why are you so funny and attractive in anything that you do?

#11 What made you Think of me when the first time you saw me?

#12 What is the most romantic date that you have ever been on and enjoyed the most?

#13 Who is your first choice of Celebrity Crush you would ever want to date?

#14 According to you, who should make the first move? Guys or Girls?

#15 Are you looking forward to get into a relationship anytime soon?

#16 What would you rather choose to be a sexy one or a smarter one?

#17 What is that one thing in the world which makes you the happiest person alive!

#18 What would be your choice of clothes when you are just lying to bed!

#19 Would you ever want to go to a beach fully naked and play games?

#20 What would you do if I expressed my feelings for you and make sure that you would do?

#21 Do you have any pets? What are your favorite Pet names you would wish to give them!

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#22 If I give you 3 words to describe me what would those 3 words be?

#23 What would be your biggest turn when you are about to date someone?

#24 How would you describe find Tattoos to be utterly sexy?

#25 What is your favourite feature in a Guy or a Girl?

#26 If I give you 3 words just to describe yourself, what would those 3 words be?

#27 Have you ever been into skinny dipping while you are working?

#28 Would you ever go on a skinny dipping and enjoy yourself?

#29 What would you prefer to do more- go out with your partner or express a cuddle?

#30 Are your parents as good looking as what you are?

#31 What has been one of the most embarrassing moments in your life when you were making out with your partner?

#32 If you would like to get highly paid for any job in the world, what would that be?

#33 What would you prefer to have a bath in? A pool or just a hot tub?

#34 What is that only one thing which you might lie about to your boyfriend or your girlfriend?

#35 If you are out for the first date of your life? How would you plan it?

#36 What might make you the most nervous man in the world ever seen?

#37 If you are given that power to change or surpass one thing in your life, then what in the world could that be?

#38 Which room other than the Bedroom might get you going the most in the world?

#39 How about we can get some private time out together?

#40 What is the most interesting moment that you had spend with your crush?

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Crush is not love but with proper care you can surely put your step forward. These are just some of the interesting questions that you can probably ask your crush while having a conversation. However, ultimately what matters is how you make your crush feel your attraction and how you make him attracted towards you. If you can have a conversation with your crush frequently, it is indeed an interesting game that you can play. If you feel a little awkward in asking Some Interesting Questions to Ask your Crush infront of him/her, then probably one of the most important things that you can get. Probably you can always choose the option of asking such questions in formats of games or even different requirements for your knowledge. The best part would just be to text him or ask him before you wish to go out on a date with the man/woman you have a crush on.