As we all are familiar with the fact that the social networking sites are the best mean to stay connected with other users on the internet. Social networks are the latest and fastest means of interacting with other users. Survey claims that around 31 percent of adults have one profile on at least one social networking site and over 51 percent have more than one profile. It’s found that the 89 percent of people use the sites to keep up with the friends, 57 percent to make a hangout plans with their friends and 49 percent to make new friends, interact with them and much more by Pew Research Center.

top 10 things that you should not share on social networking sitesWebsites use to connect folks like Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, and Friendster are few of more than 100 sites. People like to share things and their feelings through these sites, but just like in real life, there is such a thing like sharing too much information. Social websites are very much open to the public, so it becomes easy for each individual to get caught up in the social aspects of sites, until and unless you don’t limit who can see your information. It can be dangerous if you share your personal details with the strangers. So in this article I’m going to suggest some things that you should not share on social networks.

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Personal messages : Personal and private matter must not be shared on your wall because it must be kept between the sender and receiver only. Announcing a personal issue to the world, via internet, falls under the nebulous world of social networking etiquette.  You shouldn’t share anything on your wall if you feel uncomfortable sharing in extended family, work colleagues or strangers.


Social Plans : Until and unless you are planning a big party and inviting all the users you are connected to, sharing your plans for everybody to see is isn’t a good idea, as it will only make your other friends feel left out. And sometimes sharing your social plans may even cause you security issues and may even cause a troublesome scenes which you would not love to have. So just give a personal invite to your friends with whom you want to party. Or if you have an idea for social outing then just make sure that anyone who has access to your profile can only see it and no one else.


Linking Sites : If you are operating more than one site, than it may happen that theirs is some crossover from one to other site, if you have any site linked. This may lead to many problems. If you link various profiles together then be sure that what you post in one is available to the other. Or else if you have linked your LinkedIn work with your Facebook and post something that you find innocuous on Facebook then same thing will be linked to your work profile which might risk your job. So be careful while posting things on one site if it is linked to other one.


Company Information : Everyone is fond of giving the information of their promotion to the whole world, but it could be advantageous to your company’s competitors. So you share anything related to your company on social sites neither regarding your promotion, or any big projects role or whatever it may be.


Your kids Photos : Commonly most the people share their family pictures on the social network. And if you are among the people who don’t restrict access to your profile, then those clips are available for all of them and this may land you in trouble. You might risk your child’s life by posting his pictures on the social network.

And if you wish to share your family photos then share only with a selected group of trusted people who you know won’t share them.


Address and Phone Number : This is the worst think that anyone can do unless they themselves want to invite danger to their and their family’s lives. You should file this under security risk. So never post your address or even the phone number on any of the websites.


Personal Finance Information : You should never post banking or stock portfolios on any websites. Some people post saying “we put all our money in blue chip stocks and plan to ride it out”, this gives the thieves easy access to your money, where it is stored and all. So try to avoid all these finance talks on social network.


Your Password : This is another no-brainer thing that anyone would try. Revealing your password may land you in many difficulties. If you do so then your personal messages won’t be personal anymore, all your plans will be revealed to others and also your personal details which you don’t want to share to that particular person. So always keep your password secret.

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Password Hint : Mostly all the websites that contain secure personal information require password also have a password hint in case you forget. Giving password hint can provide an identity thief with a last piece of the puzzle needed to hack into your account. So think before you post anything that can compromise this information.


Anything you don’t want shared : The fact is, if you share something, it has the potential to be seen by someone you don’t want seeing it despite of selecting all the privacy settings on the social network sites. So if you think something is in confidence can be shared easily and someone you don’t even know has access to it then leaving it out is the best thing to do.