In order to pump up your sales, you need to have a killer online presence. Knowing where your customers are hanging out is a great start to this presence. Any ecommerce store worth its weight will have a specific target market or demographic. Knowing social media platform your customers are interacting on can be an extremely valuable piece of information.

Social Media Strategies for Your Ecommerce Store

Top Sites:

  • Pinterest– 80% of the people on Pinterest are women. Therefore if an ecommerce website sells products catered to women, they should have a very prominent presence on this social site. Home theater ecommerce sites might benefit from pinning more of their game room and concession products than speakers and projectors.
  • Facebook-Over 50% of Facebook and Twitter users say that they are more likely to buy or recommend from a brand that they already follow on one or both of the big social sites.
  • Google Plus –  Mostly men are on Google Plus, therefore if you have an ecommerce site that sells products men would be interested in, it would be a good idea to start building your circles on G+.
  • Twitter– Many business owners don’t understand how to utilize twitter to their biggest advantage. Twitter can be a great tool to find influencers online. Using their custom search bar to find followers in a certain niche is a great start. By using hashtags and mentioning people or companies in your tweets, you can not only reach a broader audience, but also get people interacting with your posts.

Good Match:
Once you have the attention of your target audience, you want to portray how your products or services are better than your competitors. Explaining your company’s unique advantages will set you apart from your competition the next time that consumer is looking to purchase your products.

Great Content Marketing:
This is one of the main keys to reeling in your potential customers. High quality images and informative blog posts will work wonders if you are sharing it with the right audience. With more and more customers liking and following your pages and boards, enticing them with offers will help to secure the hook. By offering incentives on your newsletter or page, your new subscribers will be more likely to purchase from your site.

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Build Relationships With Influencers:
Each time someone shares your content, they are introducing you to their audience. If the two of you are in a similar niche, the odds are you will reach many more ideal customers than you could have done on your own. By sharing other people’s content, they will often feel inclined to share yours. Retweeting, mentioning companies on Facebook, or linking to companies in your industry is a great way to build a relationship. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Remember, the first step in building a solid social media platform is to know where your audience is. Also, social media isn’t only used to get people to purchase your products. It can be used for building relationships, spreading your online presence, and finding out what your customers want.