Social media marketing can be a bit random. Hopping from Facebook to Pinterest and then over to your newsletter may sound scattered, but a great marketing campaign keeps a lot of balls up in the air at once. Here are a handful of seemingly disconnected social media tips that will likely help out your entire marketing strategy.

Social Media Mistakes


Don’t start a Tweet with a username tag. If you do, only you, the person tagged, and both of your followers will see the Tweet. To clarify, anyone who follows both you and the tagged user, not each of your individual followers, will see the Tweet. Since your goal is to get your Tweets onto all of your followers’ timelines, this faux pas should be avoided. If you need to start your Tweet with a username, put a period before it. It doesn’t look great, but it will ensure that your Tweet shows up on everyone’s timeline.


Don’t schedule your updates to post on the hour. Instead, schedule your posts for just before or just after the hour. If you want to reach businesspeople, you’ll catch the eye of those who are checking their social media right before or immediately following a meeting.


Don’t waste your posts. Schedule them when people will see them, like around lunch time, dinner time, and during commuting times. You can also use each platform’s analytics to figure out when your audience is online. Facebook has an excellent analytics tool for exactly that. Buffer and Hootsuite are helpful when it comes to Twitter timing.


Don’t ignore your fans. Keep an eye on the people who are sharing your updates on Twitter. Follow those accounts or favorite some of their recent posts. This will help grow your audience. The more people you connect with who enjoy your content, the more likely it is they’ll see your work every time you post something new. Setup an alert so that you’ll know whenever someone is using your username. You can also use the search tool to look for instances of your business name or URL when your username may not have been tagged. However you go about, showing gratitude is an easy, non-intrusive way to expand your network.

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Don’t assume your ads are good to go. Stay up-to-date on Facebook’s ever-changing promotions rule book. It’s extremely difficult to be seen on Facebook without some type of advertising budget. To make sure you’re always in-line with their policies, read those notifications Facebook sends from time to time. You never want to be in breach of their policies, since advertising is so important on that platform.


Don’t neglect to help people find you. If you have a physical store, office, or restaurant where customers can check in, add your full address to your Facebook page. This will make it easier for visitors to check-in when they visit. In order for this to work, your business has to be registered as a local business.


Don’t overlook the world of mobile marketing. If you’ve ever visited Afghan Wireless’ page, you’ll know that cutting-edge companies are harnessing the power of the mobile Internet. Make sure your blog and newsletter are optimized for mobile viewing, and that you have business profiles setup on popular mobile apps and social media websites.


Don’t ignore analytics. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have built-in analytics monitoring. You’ll be able to get information about your audience as well as the performance of your posts. For Instagram analytics, visit Iconosquare. Make analytics monitoring part of your regular routine.

Social media can be difficult to tackle, especially if you’re running a small business. Avoiding common mistakes, following best practices, and making the most of analytics will ensure that you get your social media strategy accomplished quickly and effectively.