The social commerce company which we have recently come across from Europe, has become a big hit in India and makes up to one third of users. The aim of is to provide people in India and other emerging countries, the opportunity to sell for fair prices all over the world.


Direct payments with no fees

There are no fees or commissions for using the platform, and purchases are made directly between buyer and seller through the ‘Chat & Buy’ system on the site. This means you can negotiate prices or organize shipping options, it also makes payment faster.

Add products in seconds

The website provides the option to import offers from other websites within seconds, making it faster to add new offers, without re-entering the data again or uploading new images. Simply paste the URL of your offer from another websites into the import bar on and all your data and images will appear in your offer in seconds!

Pin offers to

You can now pin offers from other websites to in a similar way to importing. If you have an online shop, your chances of selling will be higher by importing a product rather than pinning it. However, you have the option to simply pin offers, and then users will be redirected to your site when they click on the offer in the marketplace. This also gives users the chance to create personal wish-lists from things they like on the internet.

Swap products without using money

Depending on where you live, it can be hard to sell online for fair prices with complicated exchange rates or transaction fees. Now, on you can use EZB Coins to trade on the platform, without even needing real money. If you would like to cash them out to your bank account, you can do so with a 10% handling fee, but if you want to avoid paying that, simply use the credits to buy more from the site!

We think the new startup is a fantastic idea and we hope it can continue to help people in India to grow their business online and create a connection between India and the rest of the world. You can take a look at the free marketplace here to see more for yourself!