Silver bracelets are always stylish, beautiful and fashionable. They do not age and add to your image diversity or completeness. Choosing a specific style and model, you first of all show your attention to the modern trends and to your appearance – to every detail of the wardrobe.


Silver – noble lunar metal

Humanity is acquainted with the silver from the ancient times. The name of its noble metal comes from the word “Sarpa”, which in Sanskrit means Moon. Already ancient Egyptians produced silver jewelry. Silver occurred less often than gold, therefore it was valued higher. Jeweler silver was an article of value, which people delivered from far away and sold at the fabulous prices.

Today, silver is a widespread metal, used in everyday life and for jewelry production. As far as silver is a soft metal, it is not usually used in pure form.

Silver jewelry doesn’t have as many shades as gold. Silver has only one color – white or silver. But it has range of types: sterling-, filigree- rhodium-, oxidized-, frosted- or glazed silver.

In order to give silver solid properties, it is often mixed with other metals to obtain various alloys. The silver alloy of 925th hallmark consists of 92.5 % of silver and 7.5 % of copper. It is also called sterling silver, characterized by dazzling white color, high durability and reliability.

The history of sterling silver took place in 1215 from the Sterling family, who once lived in northern Germany. The King John of England committed this family a task to make silver coins. For well-done work the name of coins was taken from this family, which symbolized a high degree of reliability. It is also called white silver. Do not mix up with white gold – it is an alloy with other metals (such as platinum, palladium or nickel), which encolours gold in white.

Oxidized silver is engraved by pure silver and than covered with oxidized copper and lead.

Silver is much harder than gold, which allows to forge superfine silver wire, thinner than a human hair. Thin silver threads create openwork products from lunar metal – light, thin, delicate, airy silver filigree jewelry.

Filigree silver jewelry will never be able to repeat in gold. Its creating is a heavy, laborious and lengthy process, the highest skill in the art of jewelry.

There are two types of silver filigree: openwork and brazed. Openwork filigree silver – is a lace pattern with a well-viewed-through pattern. Brazed silver filigree is not visible because silver lace is attached to the background of the lunar metal.

To protect the noble metal from the run-out the jewelers dust silver with rhodium. Rhodium is a rare metal, which price is much higher than platinum price. It has a higher resistance to corrosion and mechanical wear than other noble metals

So different silver bracelets

Silver bracelets can tell a lot about their owner. They symbolize freedom, freshness and progress. Bracelets of this metal perfectly suit to everyone.

What do you want to choose today? There is a great deal of choice. High-tony ladies silver bracelets will naturally complement any romantic image. Models with forged elements,chased by rivets or studs on a leather strap will be a perfect choice for grunge style lovers.

Silver chain bracelet is the most common because of its convenience and versatility. It adds the girl an elegant, delicate, fragile and seductive mode.

If you work in an office then you should pay attention to the bracelets of medium thickness. These bracelets do not attract attention but enrich a woman.

Soft Bracelets – the most suitable variant for everyday wear. The most popular are often decorated with special beads – “charms”. Jewelers created the original design of the product, carried out in the form of pigtails on the basis of three or four bands.

Wide silver bracelets are perfect for everyday life, too. They can be worn with a t-shirt, jeans, simple dresses and tunics.

Main rules for choosing right silver bracelet

Choosing a bracelet keep your eye out for:

  1. The length and width. How a bracelet will look like – neat or cumbersome, will it correspond to the size or compress the wrist -it depends on a size and form.
  2. Types of tangles. Sophisticated or simple, intricate or classic – the range of silver women bracelets help to personalize you, being different.
  3. Arm or leg. Decide on what body part do you intend to wear a jewel to distinct the desired characteristics. Be a designer of your life.
  4. The absence or presence of inserts and charms. It depends on your personal style, whether your bracelet is decorated with ingenious inserts or pendants.

Silver bracelets -jewelry with soul and character

Up to date, the bracelet is one of the most popular decorations. Every day, the choice of such an accessory is increasing.

It is generally accepted to wear a bracelet on the right hand. Modern fashion trends allow wearing hand watch and bracelet on the same hand.

Massive bracelets fit for broad wrists. For average wrists it is recommended a delicate openwork or massive decoration. There are no bounds for women with thin wrists; they can wear what they want.

In our assortment you can find everything.Follow this link to see the vast variety of our silver bracelets — In addition to silver jewelry we also sell bangles of rigid material, such as leather and rubber or completely different silk bracelets. They are no less original and reflect your inner world. This is more youthful, rebellious and freedom-loving variant. Wear them separately or combine with cuffs of precious metals.