It is no news that Content Marketing has become a big focus for companies of all sizes. The importance of producing content for acquisition, lead generation, and brand awareness strategies has been demonstrated time and again. This has contributed to saturate the web with content pieces of various quality levels, making it very difficult and expensive for a company to reach relevant eyeballs in an increasingly distracted potential audience.

The search for new and efficient distribution channels has turned into a quest for the content marketing Holy Grail, with marketers often recycling old strategies by adding a simple twist. But one channel has been mostly ignored until very recently: employee advocacy. The idea is simple: your employees and colleagues have networks of their own, and send thousands of emails to clients, prospects, partners and stakeholders while conducting their daily tasks. These are the people you want to touch with your Content strategy. These are the eyeballs you should be desperate to reach. So how do you do it?

Signr is a new app available in the chrome webstore (for companies using the Gmail client) offering a simple solution to this very problem: putting part of each employee’s email signature in the hands of the marketer. The content (be it an article, an event invitation or Corporate news) is automatically introduced below the signature in the form of a snippet that will track views, clicks, and drive traffic to your site.


The marketer doesn’t have to ask her colleagues to feature new content in their signature, she can do it from the Signr back office where she creates snippets by simply entering the destination URL.


The dashboards shows what piece performed better, which employee is having the most impact and how much traffic this new channel drives overtime. This data set is a great way to assess the type of content that your audience engage with the most, and adapt your entire marketing strategy to use only the high performing pieces.


The implementation is pretty straightforward and your organization can start using the app within minutes. The Administrator starts by installing the Signr Chrome extension and creating a company account on the app. Then, he can simply invite colleagues by entering their email addresses. Each colleague who accepts the invitation and downloads the Chrome extension will see the latest content snippet automatically inserted in his/her email signature.


Signr guarantees that your entire company will support your marketing efforts without even thinking about it. It creates an entirely new captive distribution channel where you don’t have to compete with the entire internet for attention: the recipients are already engaged with the email content for work purposes, and more importantly: they trust the source!

If you are interested in trying the product for free, don’t hesitate to visit the Signr website at