There have been lots of referral program available online, where the blog owners and publishers can earn some money out of those referral programs by referring others. Generally, it is hard to earn money if you don’t have any trust factor among your audience while you refer any program to them. But, now the most genuine program Google apps referral program has been launched in India, and it’s the greatest way for the Indian publishers to earn some money out of it. The Google apps referral program is the most famous referral program worldwide, but it was not launched in India and now they have announced it for India also which is the great news for the Indian publishers.

How it works?

If you are an online publisher or blogger, you can start recommending Google apps for your audience. If anyone sign up from your Google apps referral link you will be paid the referral commission from Google. As per now the commission for each sign up is $7.50.

If you wish to sign up for Google apps, then you can do it from below mentioned link:


How to sign up for the referral program?

Well, the procedure to sign up for Google apps is quite easy, follow the below mentioned steps to sign up and earn some money from Google:

Now, you might have received the unique URL from Google, which is the unique URL of your Google apps account. You have to promote this link on your blogs and websites. If people click on this unique URL and sign up for this program you will get some commission in your account.

Generally the confirmation email will have these:

  • Your unique URL which you can share with others.
  • And, two coupon codes worth Rs. 300 for the first year.

If you have not signed up for the Google apps for your business, you can use my referral link for sign up.


Terms and condition:

  • You must distribute this referral link through the email only.
  • You should not pay any kind of bribe or incentive to the readers to sign up using your link.
  • You should not take Google’s name or a logo while promoting your referral link.
  • Referral fees will be only paid via wire transfer.
  • You will be paid only the user sign up using your referral link as there is no cookie tracking.
  • Referral commission is only for “Per user” account. You won’t get any commission until the user creates a user account after they sign up using your link.
  • You are eligible for only maximum of 100 users in your account.

Commissions will be paid to the users only for 120 days.

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