share to unlock
Do you use multiple social sharing widgets on each and every page of your site? However, still your social exposure is on the lower side. Actually, the problem is that, people love your content. Therefore, they don’t click the social buttons and instead Read and leave your website because they don’t care about your traffic or your website. Asking people to like, Facebook page or tweet to get access to your content is indeed an ideal way of forcing users to share it on the social web.

Social Locker consists of two social buttons and a locker displaying horizontally. The Social buttons consist of Facebook and Twitter. Whenever, a person would either press Like or Tweet button it would display the hidden Download URL. This allows a person to get more real social followers.

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This widget is only for Link URL I’ll post for share to unlock content in my next post.

How to install share it to unlock link widget to blogger?

  1. Click on “Widget Generator” button below.
  2. Fill the required data in below generator
  3. Click on “Generate” button to get widget code then add widget code in your blogs post. ( or anywhere you want to show download or other links)