Having your own website is a great idea but it can be expensive. You have to hire a website design team, work with them, and then pay for hosting, and so on. For new business owners, this is difficult as they are trying to make ends meet. In fact, cash flow problems are common in the first few years of business and companies shut down due to low finances. Setting up a brand new website from scratch may be difficult when cash reserves are low, but now websites are essential for business. They act as business cards online and customers from all over the world can learn about your business.

If you want to raise awareness and publicity for your product and your company, a website is essential. However, is there any way for you to save money and still ensure that your website is the best available?

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WordPress To The Rescue

WordPress has been popular with internet users for several reasons. However, one of the major reasons for this popularity is that the platform is free. You can use the basic format to set up a website in less than 20 days and connect it to a cheap eCommerce solution. The basic WordPress platform is so easy to use that developers have now created more than 200 different types of plug-ins like the WooCommerce POS integration plugin to ensure that small business owners could set up their website as shopping websites. If you are seriously considering WordPress as an eCommerce website option, then you don’t really have anything to worry about. However, do take the time to go through these simple tips.

  • There is a free and a paid version of WordPress and both versions are quite good. Both versions are also very simple and easy to use and even beginner users can easily set up a website in less than a week.
  • Free hosting is also a great feature of the blogging software. The platform is hosted on Automatic and you get a domain name in the same package for a small extra fee. This is really worth it as you can self-host your website in the future when your company starts to expand.
  • WordPress is easy to customize. There are thousands of images, backgrounds, colors and designs available online for use. You can find free and paid versions and this cuts down on unnecessary website design fees.
  • POS integration for your website is also possible through plug-ins. Ecommerce is probably the most important feature, as you want your shopping cart system to work perfectly online and ensure quick and easy sales. WordPress makes this simple and easy as it is probably the easiest site to connect with a point of sale software. At present, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plug-in offered with the website as it is free. Most users prefer this plug-in as it offers several great features in the free deal like payment gateways, shipping options, email marketing, inventory management, tax and payroll management, reporting, etc. The WooCommerce plug also has more than 200 different features you can choose and add to your basic shopping cart system. You can choose from Product Add-Ons, WooCommerce Instagram, WooCommerce Conditional Content, Product Vendors, PDF Product Vouchers, etc. However, these are all paid options but they can prove helpful.
  • There are thousands of resources online that will help you set up a WordPress website quickly and efficiently says Smashing Magazine.  You will have to read up a bit before you actually start setting up the website.
  • WordPress is great for generating content. WordPress also helps you generate user-friendly and Google-friendly SEO-rich URLs to make your website rank better on search engine rankings.
  • Almost everyone knows that WordPress has incredibly responsive website design. The website will automatically resize for mobile and tablet viewing and this ensures that there is no need for additional software updates.
  • However, it is not all good as WordPress does have its drawbacks along with its advantages. The website is quite stringent about monetization but eCommerce websites do not have a problem due to the several unique plug ins already available. Just so you know, Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing is not allowed on WordPress but the company does show Google ads on websites infrequently.

As you can see setting up a WordPress website and a POS solution is quite easy. If you are a beginner, just make sure you research the process as much as possible. Once you know what to do, you can easily set up a good website in 21 days or less. With expert help, it is possible to set up the website in less than a week and it is good to go.