As a blogger, you’d want your visitors to have a very convenient experience with browsing through the high-quality content of your blog. At the same time, you’d love to deliver your latest blog posts in different ways that appeal to visitors.

One of these ways is by setting up an automated newsletter to be sent out to your subscribers. In order to do this, you need to create a form using an email marketing platform that asks for the name and email address of visitors. You will also have to design the email autoresponder (which serves as your newsletter) to your liking and input the blog’s RSS feed so that the autoresponder includes the latest posts on your blog before sending them out. You also have the option to choose the frequency in which the autoresponder will be sent to the subscribers (once a new post is published, weekly, and monthly, among others).

Once the form has been embedded on your blog, your visitors can fill out a form so that they receive the newsletters straight to their emails. The advantage here is that they no longer have to visit your blog in order to check out new content. Instead, the newsletter will deliver the latest content to them!

While the purpose of setting up a newsletter this way is to drive more traffic to your blog, your newsletter can serve an even greater purpose – one that includes helping your generate more sales and profit!


Below are ways on how you can monetize and potentially earn more through your blog newsletters.

Include your latest offers

Since you can edit your blog newsletter, this is a great way to feature your latest products and services you’re offering through your blog before the time the newsletter will be sent out. These offers can be featured on the sidebar or on the email body, ideally above the fold so that the offer is much visible and won’t be missed by recipients. To optimize the performance of your offers, you will also need to create and optimize landing pages that will contain more information about your offer.

Invite them to your other lists

Email lists are segmented according to the signup forms they filled out. If your visitors signed up to your blog newsletter, then they will only receive the newsletter even if you have lots of other email campaigns going on in your blog such as e-courses and more.

However, since you already have the email addresses of those who subscribed to your newsletter, you might as well make the most out of the opportunity by getting them to sign in to your other lists dedicated in driving more sales to your blog!

Aside from the newsletter you’re already sending, create a new campaign using the same subscribers of your blog newsletter and send them a separate email inviting them to join to a different email list in your blog. If and when they agreed to join your other list, you increase your chances of driving more sales to your online business.

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What’s the catch?

Despite these seemingly harmless processes of luring more people to your profitable offers and money-making lists, you need to get permission to sending them emails other than the one they signed up for. Once they receive something from you that they didn’t sign up for, then expect to bleed out subscribers and lose the trust from your target audience.

In order to get around this, you need to write a disclaimer note at the bottom of the signup form informing visitors that they may receive promotional emails from time to time. To build goodwill with your potential subscribers, ensure them that their information they write on the form is confidential and will never be shared to anyone.

By including the disclaimer, you give yourself leeway to send out occasional emails that promote your other products and services, as well as your lists. Keep in mind, though, that this does not give you the right to constantly pester them with emails about your offers. Be reasonable with the frequency of sending them email offers and practice restraint in doing so.