With WordPress being the most popular CMS, unfortunately there is no shortage of WordPress vulnerabilities. As a consequence, the first major WordPress release of 2016, the greatly awaited WordPress 4.5 was followed by three security updates.

Additionally, taking into account the latest happenings in the WordPress landscape due to outdated plugins, website security is a major concern these days.

In today’s article you’ll find out how to build secure WordPress forms for your website or your clients’ websites. Security is on top of CaptainForm’s priority list so let’s go over the protection options provided by this superpower filled WordPress Form Plugin.

Security Options

CaptainForm is a flexible yet advanced form plugin that helps you create any type of WordPress forms. From WordPress contact forms to WordPress surveys and polls, you’ll be able to create a form in three simple steps. “No code, no addons! 100% secure!” First you Edit the form, then you choose the Settings and finally you can Publish the form. Today, we’ll focus on the Security section of the form. You’ll find it in the Settings dropdown menu and after clicking it, you’ll be able to choose the security options that suit your needs.

Form Password Protection

If you want to forbid access to your form for certain people and make it available only to some submitters you have the option to password protect it. This way, you’ll only share it with the audience you desire.

Anti Spam Protection

IP limitation can prevent spam users by helping you limit form submissions from the same IP or the total number of submissions per hour, day, week, month, year, even eternity. Captcha settings are also available to set up. You can either completely remove Captcha from your form, add Smart Captcha, generate a Captcha code from the start or generate the same code every 24 hours for all form users.

Country Filter

By creating a Country filter you will be able to reject or accept submissions from certain countries, based on the submitter’s IP address.

Uploads Visibility

In the Submissions section of the form plugin, you’ll have all the files that have been uploaded through your WP forms appear as downloadable links. By default, any person that has access to the link will be able to use it. However, you do have the option to secure these links through a password or make them visible only when you are logged into your CaptainForm account.

SSL Encryption

No person or robot trying to intercept the information sent through your forms will be able to read it, thanks to the SSL Encryption feature. Good news! This feature is available on all
CaptainForm plans.

Keep your WordPress forms data secure with CaptainForm and feel free to let us know if there are more security features you would like to see in a WordPress form plugin.