From past few years, Samsung is always trying to take down the Apple’s iPad. In this hard chase, the Korean manufacturer has come up with various Android tablets in varying sizes and different versions so as to provide stiff competition. However, some of the devices had been so close to Apple’s design that it had to face trademark violation by Apple. Samsung is good at marketing, which is the only reason they sold off 10 million units of Galaxy S5 sooner than S4, even though it was criticized heavily. Unlike Apple, Samsung has many devices in its portfolios, out of which the Grand series was a huge hit. The galaxy grand 2, which was launched earlier this year, has got massive price cut off almost 6k within 5 months of launch.

 Galaxy Tab s series

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In the same lines, Samsung had recently announced Galaxy tab S series, which was apparently to take over the likes of iPad offered by Apple. These tablets were launched at ‘Tab into color’ event which was held at New York. Needless to say, these are worthy devils that you must consider.

The newest Galaxy Tab series comes in 2 sizes, one has 8.4 inches display while the other has huge 10.5 inches display. They are not that heavy either, weighs about 4.6 grams lighter than iPad. Both these tablets are lighter, smaller and slimmer. One good thing about these tablets is their display; they have been equipped with Super AMOLED display, which makes them superior than LCD counterparts. In fact these series have largest LED displays that Samsung has used in tablets after 2012’s 7.7 inches display. These displays have resolutions of 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is rare to find these days. The AMOLED displays offer more brightness and contrast ratio as compared to LCD displays, but are slightly over saturated. You might enjoy reading books since it displays better black and white colors. With this series of tablets, you will not notice any pixelated images or other media due to high quality displays.

What’s new in Galaxy Tab S series of tablets?

The Tab S model runs on latest Android KitKat on top Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. It has dual screening capability, also known as Multi-window. In this range, you can use only two windows simultaneously. Only the Tab pro series is capable of opening 4 windows at once. Along with this range of tablets, Samsung has debuted Sidesync 3.0 service, which will allow you to make phone calls directly from your tablet through Galaxy S5 which is paired over Wi-Fi direct. What more, you can even access apps and other important data directly on your tablet without even having to touch your S5.

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All things come at a cost, but I have to say that they have priced it competitively. The Wi-Fi only model of 8.4 inches starts from $399 whereas 10.5 inches will be for $499. These are Wi-Fi only models, and come along with external storage capacity of about 128 GB. The LTE and larger storage models will be available later this year.