With the world getting modernized our handset are also getting customized and modern day by day with great features and activities performed by today’s Smartphone like that of data transmission, online transaction due to mobile banking, playing videos, movies, music and several personal as well as professional applications. Simply saying android phones have replaced desktops and laptops due to additional features and have added greater agility along with the easy mobility for their users.

How to safeguard your android phones

When your Smartphone has become so much important having much important information in it, it is important that you pay special attention towards them and handle your Smartphone from any kind of possible misuses like mishandling, theft, and many such cases. In case you don’t want any stranger to check your phone you can keep screen lock or phone password so that your phone will be unlocked just from your side.

Just screen lock cannot help you during several cases of robbery or identity theft, so it is very important that you know the safeguard tips about protecting your Android handset which will be discussed in this post.

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Tips to safeguard your Android device

Now a day an Android handset is considered as a mini computer as the device is able to perform all the tasks performed by a computer.

  • As mentioned earlier always maintain a screen lock or set a password for the accessibility of your device.
  • Due to several unfriendly apps available in the market that looks useful and smart one’s phone becomes endangered so it is important that you be careful while downloading any kind of apps. This is important as many unnecessary apps can steal the information stored on the Smartphone.
  • Any apps that you select and download should be from a trusted source. So it is essential that you identify the original source because all the sources that allow installation of popular apps are not trustworthy.
  • Checking the app permission from time to time is a smart move. Accessing the contacts, phonebook, and any other important data through any unwanted apps should be stopped.
  • Always avoid the text messages from unwanted sources as now a day there are malware carried by text messages.
  • Keep on updating your operating system as the updates carry improvised security patches which protects your Smartphone.
  • Always have a good antivirus installed on your Smartphone which can protect your device from any kind of harmful viruses.
  • Always be choosy while selecting your cloud storage service. As it is always cool and a good decision of storing data at a cloud storage service which can preserve lots of storage space in your phone.
  • Be gentle and smart enough while doing any kind of financial transaction as many online security experts have warned the users performing such transactions.
  • Always have an app which can locate your phone when it is stolen or lost.
  • Always keep the backups of the data stored in your device.
  • Data encryption is the best and the easiest way by which you can keep your data safe and secured.