Many of the Android users prefer to root their phones. This is because through rooting we can get administrator privileges. It gains root access to all other applications to your Smartphone. If you do not your phone then you can perform task allowed by the manufacturer only. Rooting android is same as that of a coin having two sides, i.e., beside advantages of rooting the android there are disadvantages too. So let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting the android.

Why to and not-to Root Android Phones

Why you must root your android

Rooting allows you to get super user privilege and do what you want to do with your device. You must root your android only if you are a pro android user and have a detailed knowledge about android.

By rooting you can improve your battery life, install custom ROM, and improve your device’s performance and much more.


Must have apps for rooted android : Titanium Backup, Root uninstaller, Font installer and lots more apps are available for the rooted android in the Google play store that can increase your devices performance. These apps work only in the rooted devices but not in un-rooted device.


Installation of custom ROM : ROM is software which runs android device and now you will be able to install this OS or software. With this you can install latest updates by flashing your device. If latest updated version of your phone is not provided by the manufacturer then you can update them by rooting it.


Blocking unwanted Ads : You might be annoyed with the appearance of ads in the middle of your work or while playing games. Now this is of no concern as by rooting your android will block popup ads which appear in between of games, browsers and apps.


Removal of unwanted apps : Mostly removal of system apps is not allowed by the android. So if you root your device you can easily remove them by directly diving into the system folder. And you can even remove some of the default apps which are not in use and simply occupying the space on your device.


Force apps to install on SD card : This means that by rooting your android you can force the apps to install directly on your SD card instead of in your system memory. This will help you keep your internal storage free and increase the performance of your device.

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As mentioned above it is similar to a coin having two sides. So along with advantages, rooted android even comes with fewer disadvantages.


Voiding of warranty : The main disadvantage of rooting your android is voiding warranty of your device. So, in case if any issue arises, you won’t be able to give any complain to its manufacturer.


Risk of bricking device : Your device might get bricked if you root your device. So if you want to fix this bricked device then you have to proceed from the first step of rooting. Hopefully most of the bricked devices have been fixed successfully after rooting it from the step 1 again.


Attack of virus : If you install some malware containing apps then there is chance of virus attack on your device. As rooting allows any app to install on your device from any unknown source, so it increases the chance of virus attack by automatically downloading the harmful information and spreading it on your device.