With the constant advancement in technology, we have seen a rapid growth in the Internet facilities as well. But we too have some disadvantages of Internet too because every activity is being tracked by the governments, companies, and even the hackers. And this is the situation when the VPN services come handy. The VPN apps for Android are quite really useful to protect our online identity as well as allow us to use all the services which are banned at our locations and much more. Thus, it is really important to have a good VPN app for your smartphone. Though there are a number of VPN apps available in the market, but thanks to Rocket VPN, which is one of the simplest and easiest to use VPN app.

People do worry about their security and privacy while traveling and connecting to a public WiFi. And we have seen a number of people looking out for a method to protect their IP addresses over the Internet. Some people are even carved for accessing some websites. So, if you want to access the blocked content on the websites, then you need to have a VPN, which is the Virtual Private Network. Yes, it does provide the user with a virtual version of IP address to the private network. It actually adds a layer of protection which helps in encrypting as well as protecting the data from being hacked. Using the VPN service will help you in hiding the data as well as the IP address.

Rocket VPN is an app offered to the Android and iOS users by Liquidum. It is one of the greatest VPN apps which offer the users with all the VPN features in a simplified package. If this interests you, then this review is for you people.

Setting up Rocket VPN

After installing Rocket VPN on your Android smartphone, you have to set up the app with few simple clicks. If your Android is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then you need to click on Allow to give the app the permission to work on it. Then for accessing the Internet, you need to select the location followed by the connection request.

Now, you need to click on OK and the connection will be made along with the display of the key icon on the status bar which shows that the app is active.

Simple and Beautiful User Interface

Not only Rocket VPN but most of the apps by Liquidum have a simple and beautiful user interface. It is an app which has got good colors, transitions and is straightforward which makes everything beautiful.

Every feature of this app is rightly placed on its homepage itself including the Connect button, the destination for choosing the virtual location.

Rocket VPN for Android also offers a section where the user can launch or the block the apps from any virtual location. And if you scroll down, you will be able to check out the current location and the monthly data usage.

All in all, the Rocket VPN’s user interface is simple and clean. It does feature the three dot buttons at the top with other options including FAQ, subscription, share, feedback and log in.

Key Features

Access to Restricted Apps: Rocket VPN allows unblocking the content which has been restricted geographically. This means that it gives an ACCESS TO THE RESTRICTED CONTENT. For instance, if YouTube is banned in your current location, then you can choose any virtual location for accessing the service.

Security and Privacy: Rocket VPN for Android is an app which ensures the SECURITY and PRIVACY of a person online. This app significantly helps in encrypting the data surfed online for keeping the privacy intact. It even helps in ensuring that no third party apps can spy over your web usage.

Quick Launch Apps: If you want to run the apps from your virtual location, then do try Rocket VPN which features the QUICK LAUNCH APPS section on its homepage itself. Yes, you just have to connect the VPN service before launching the app. Apart from this, it even allows the users to choose from the 10 virtual locations including Sweden, US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Netherlands. But if you want the best speeds, then do select the virtual location near to your location.

Speed Test: The Rocket VPN brings in security and privacy, but VPN apps are quite notorious for bringing down the internet speeds. But, when we did the SPEED TEST, Rocket VPN slowed down and that too may be because we used the free version. So, if you don’t have any problem with a slow speed internet, then you can go with the app.

Easy Use: Rocket VPN is certainly an EASY TO USE and simple app which is user-friendly. Whether you are new to VPN services, this app won’t give you any complexities while using it. You just need to select the location and connect. It is really simple and easy to use which even makes a quick connection.

Rocket VPN isn’t without the limitations and thus, its free version incorporates the ads between the homepage sections. The free version comes with 500MB per month, which is quite not enough for an avid user. So, if you want to get the unlimited subscription, you can go with $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year packages which brings in unlimited bandwidth with ads removal and better speeds.

Not just for Android, but Rocket VPN is one of the best VPN for the iOS users as well. This app is not for those users who are looking for a complex app with advanced features in the VPN app. And Rocket VPN shines because you really need not go through hassles of setting up the things.

Rocket VPN is available at an affordable price and offers a lot of services. It does have an easy and simple user interface. It also provides daily protection over the Internet with fast and secure communication. If you are tired of using the VPN apps, try Rocket VPN which does its job quite perfectly without giving any troubleshooting or settings problem to the users. Just give it one shot.