There was a time that eyeglasses were considered nerdy and un-cool. As a child I couldn’t wait to rid myself of the eyeglasses and get my first pair of contact lenses. Fast forward a couple decades later and that’s all changed. Many people are forgoing contact lenses and going back to glasses. Not only is it healthier on your eyes but they are considered stylish and cool now. Even people that get Lasik surgery to correct their vision are now finding themselves buying non-prescription glasses and wearing them around just like any other accessory. The difference between getting a stylish pair of glasses versus the kind that clash and standout is finding the appropriate style for the shape of your face.

People that have long and thin faces would stand to benefit from aviator style glasses. These types of glasses are usually longer in length and will give the appearance of fuller facial features. This can include people that have elongated features from the forehead to the chin, or even a pointy and longer chin. Square frames are also complimentary for people with these faces shapes.


An oval face shape is a perhaps more common. These tend to be “model like”, or balances, features. The defining features of this facial type are higher cheekbones and a chin line that is narrower than the forehead, which is often called symmetrical. Rounder frames are more common for this face type. Often times you will see frames with semi rimless glasses complimentary to this face type. The thicker frames on top that lead to a rimless bottom half of the lens are symmetrical to the wider forehead and thinner chin and jaw line mentioned above.

Last but certainly not least, you have the perfectly round face. The characteristics of this face type tend to be full plump cheeks, a rounded out chin and jaw line, and equal length and width of the entire face. Thicker and horn rimmed frames, or perhaps thicker plastic frames, are a bit more complimentary for these folks. Here you want rectangular styles frames with soft rounded edges. The idea is to choose a pair of frames that are as symmetrically rounded as your facial features.

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Despite your face style you can be rest assured there are plenty of options available to you. The trick is finding the right pair that meets your personal style as well.