There are few eCommerce website builders out there which offer an easy and intuitive way to create an online store. WixStores, which is the eCommerce website platform by, offers businesses various unique capabilities, which givessmall business owners an opportunity to create their eCommerce websites. Creating an online presence can significantly help a businesses’ success.

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Detail of WixStores

Many people are well aware about the most popular website builder services –, which offers intriguing features. We find that does offers the best subscription plans around. The website building services provided by offers businesses unmatched money value as well as an access to the requirements for fulfilling the requirements of the clients. And today we will be focusing here on the best eCommerce website builder- WixStores.

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Previously, it was quite difficult creating websites online, which even used to be really expensive as well as a time-consuming task. But now we really don’t have to worry since the best service, WixStores,is available in the market. This makes the whole process easy and helps businesses in creating their own shop live online. The services which are provided by WixStores are unique and satisfy the clients. Its support, price and features make it worth while.

Advantages of WixStores

The developers at have managed to gather all the necessary measures to ensure in fulfilling all the business requirements. If you are being an administrator as well as an owner of a website working through, then you have access to all the intriguing features which are offered.

  • The payment options are easily configurable as well as flexible
  • Easy in adding as well as organizing the categories & products
  • Coupons can be used easily
  • The pricing options are flexible as well as customizable
  • The tax and shipping rates are configurable
  • Access to the management panel
  • Order tracking

The features mentioned above are just a small sample of the features offered by WixStores. We can say confidently there isn’t any other eCommerce platform out there, which offers the same services provided by WixStores. Some of the advantages of WixStores eCommerce platform include:

  • It does offer an optimized version of the store for all smartphones
  • Functional as well as flexible galleries of product
  • The product descriptions and pages are unique
  • It does provide a variety of beautiful and crafted website templates
  • It does offer the product videos along with a creation interface for coupons

WixStores helps in providing its clients with full assistance support while managing the stores online. It even gives an opportunity to purchase a unique domain name for building their online store. Of course, building an online store with is a premium service.

It will even help in gaining unlimited access to the services and website building tools which can help you in distributing the newsletters as well as SEO and the aspects associated with successful marketing campaigns. Lastly, the websites which are associated with WixStores are easily customizable and flexible. Businesses can easily customize their own online website through implementation of the widgets which are developed by the specialists over at

WixStores is the fast as well as secure eCommerce solution for businesses

Till now, we have discussed generally about the services, which are offered by WixStores, but now it’s time to take a deep look into the back-end platform which is significantly associated with the website security as well as functionality and performance. There is no doubt that is one of the best and advanced website builders.

In terms of performance, you will be simply amazed with the short loading timings along with 99.9% of up-time which guarantees to give 100% satisfaction and comfort to the clients.

Creating free eCommerce website using WixStores

Now, it’s time to take a deep and clear look at the website creation process using WixStores. It features a unique interface along with a decent and simple administration area through which you can easily have a fully functional eCommerce store online, which will be live in less than 30 minutes.


You need to register yourself on the official website and click on the “Sign In” or Sign Up” purple button which is available in the top right corner. The whole process of registration is straight forward as well as fast and quick because you just need to type in your email address and a unique password followed by a confirmation.

Sign in or sign up with wix


After successfully registering, you need to log-in to your account and follow the panel selecting the category associated with your eCommerce website. You can even pick one or more categories followed by a click on the GO button.


Now, it’s time to pick the best and decent template for your website. does offer a wide variety of optimized and professionally designed templates which are even easily customizable.

Wix site templates


After following the panels and final selection, its final stage is selecting the subscription plan. offers multiple hosting plans from which you need to choose the best suitable one for your website.

WIX Plans


After selecting the subscription plan, it will navigate you to the payment page where you need to select the preferred payment option for processing the payment. Finally, click on “Submit Purchase”.

Wix Purchase


After successful payment done, a confirmation payment page will open after which you can go back to the website and click on the “Publish” button which is available near to the “Upgrade” option.


It has been never been easier to create an eCommerce website. Just a few years ago, we would have never imagined an online businesses which doesn’t require people to spend a lot of money for getting professional services. Thanks to the amazing solutions provided by WixStores all the business owners can now reach a wider audience.There is no other eCommerce website builder available better than WixStores. So, if you are planning to take your business online, then WixStores is the best solution for you. It’s affordable, functional as well as flexible and can even make you and your clients happy.