In my previous posts i have shared 2 responsive blogger templates that you can download and use on your blog. But today, I’m going to share top 10 responsive design test tools. Let’s say you have created your site from scratch carefully and paying attention to every details possible. You also make the site to be responsive so that it will be able to appear perfectly in every devices, and now it’s time to test it.

To do so, you don’t have to buy every devices. Instead, you can simply use these web-based tools  to see the way the device will display your site. we have collected 10 of the best responsive design test tools available, let’s check them out



This tool helps you quickly view your responsive site will look on the most popular devices, such as iPhone and iPad both portrait and landscape orientation, it also proved Kindle and Android view.

RWD Demonstration


RWD Demonstration does the same like the tool above, except that it only provides the iPhone, iPad and Desktop view.


This is probably one of the complete responsive test tool. Screenqueries provides several pre-defines screen resolution starting from the Apple family devices, Android-based device like Samsung Galaxy, and a Windows Phone device like Nokia Lumia.

We can also drag the screen handlers to see the site in our desired resolution.



Screenfly is considerably the most popular responsive test tool. It has quite complete predefined screen resolution from Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, even television.



It’s simple and to the point. This tool provides 5 screen resolution to test your site.



Resizer allows you to quickly change the dimensions of a webpage to test responsive design which come in a Firefox and Chrome extension.



ResponsivePX allow you to view your responsive site with your custom defined width and height.



ProtoFluid lets you test your website prototypes in various screen sizes and orientations. It is really easy to use, and only requires a modern browsers to work.



This tool does the same thing like Matt Kersley tool above, except we can define our own custom screen-resolution.



ResizeMyBrowser will allow you to resize your browser with ease. You can select on one of many predefined resolution it provides.