It’s an amazing feeling to see your family and friends wishing you for a very special day, your Birthday. So, what is the most appropriate way to respond when someone wishes you A Happy Birthday? In person, we can say a simple “Thank You”, but what to those wishes which you received on social media? The etiquettes for responding to those wishes in a little different way, but obviously it is not that difficult.


Wishes received on Social Media

If you are a frequent social media user, then you can share a single post saying Thank You to all your old friends, acquaintances and other people who showered you with the beautiful birthday wishes. It is a common practice now-a-days, because none of the social media users actually wait to receive a response anxiously.


You can even post your beautiful picture while cutting a birthday cake and wearing a birthday cap with a beautiful Thank You messages for birthday wishes. This is a clear sign which shows a little effort in making your response little personalized for the birthday wishes received from your loved ones.

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Wishes received in Person

Respond to the birthday wishes you receive in person right there when he/she gifts you a birthday present. You must give your full attention to your loved ones who actually took little time for you out of their busy schedule and came to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

You can even respond to the birthday wishes received in person by sending a letter or a card with a beautiful handwritten message. Obviously, it is okay to write a short brief message, but it is recommended to add a heartfelt message to those kind and generous well wishers who wished you on your special day.

You need to be less specific and remember not to criticize the gifts you receive from your friends. Your friends wished you on your special day and now, it’s your turn to make them feel special for their contribution they did on your special day.

Apart from these responses, you can give out the compliments for their wishes, how you appreciate them and what positive effect those wishes have on your life. Also, you can post something unique in a message on a social media and try to stand unambiguously from the others a little. Moreover, it would be great if you give slightly a meaningful message to your well wishers. It feels great responding with deep appreciation with full support as well as kindness.