Resizable Blogger Template
Resizable is a sleek, dark, dual-sidebar Blogger Template that is responsive, fully customizable and optimized. Perfect for blogs, online magazine sites, and news portals, Resizable is the perfect choice for your site. These days, people browse the web from many different devices. Stop messing with weird code. Resizable is responsive, so they work properly on any device and any screen size.



  • SEO Optimized
    Rise to the top of the search engines, as Resizable takes into account SEO best practices to help your content get ranked.
  • Responsive
    Resizable is responsive and handles different browsers, devices and screen sizes with ease.
  • Optimized for Adsense
    Monetization is key to the success of bloggers, and AdSense is still the most popular ad platform. Resizable is AdSense-ready so you can easily place ads to maximize your income.
  • Integrated Social Media
    Promote your site easily using the built in social media buttons, which allow your readers to help promote the content they like from your site.

 Layout Preview

layout previewclick to enlarge

Customization and introductions

Social Media Share Buttons

social buttons

Currently i have added social media buttons widget at footer of the page at the demo page, but if you want to add that widget at sidebar or anywhere on your blog, then you can use below HTML code and copy and paste the code in your blog at where you want to show. so…first of all you need to download this template and upload to your blog. ( See This short Video “How to Upload Template to the New Blogger interface ) after adding this widget to your blog don’t forget to replace your social sites links on it, and also you can remove unwanted social media buttons from this widget as example if you don’t want to show Dribbble button in this widget, then you can do it by removing red colored line from the code below..

<div class="social-profile-icons">
<ul class=""><li class="social-dribbble"><a title="Dribbble" href="#" >Dribbble</a></li><li class="social-email"><a title="Email" href="#" >Email</a></li><li class="social-facebook"><a title="Facebook" href="" >Facebook</a></li><li class="social-gplus"><a title="Google+" href="" >Google+</a></li><li class="social-linkedin"><a title="LinkedIn" href="#" >Linkedin</a></li><li class="social-pinterest"><a title="Pinterest" href="" >Pinterest</a></li><li class="social-rss"><a title="RSS" href="" >RSS</a></li><li class="social-stumbleupon"><a title="StumbleUpon" href="#" >StumbleUpon</a></li><li class="social-twitter"><a title="Twitter" href="" >Twitter</a></li><li class="social-youtube"><a title="YouTube" href="" >YouTube</a></li><li class="social-flickr"><a title="Flickr" href="#" >Flickr</a></li><li class="social-lastfm"><a title="Lastfm" href="#" >Lastfm</a></li><li class="social-tumblr"><a title="Tumblr" href="#" >Tumblr</a></li><li class="social-vimeo"><a title="Vimeo" href="#" >Vimeo</a></li></ul>

Email Subscription Box


After download and upload this template you can’t see the above social share buttons and email subscription box because this widget is not default on it, but don’t worry you don’t need to add CSS code,  CSS code is already added in the template. just copy and paste below email subscription box HTML code at where you want to show…

<div class="md-subscribe">
<form style="" action="" method="post" target="popupwindow" onsubmit="'', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true" _lpchecked="1">
<input type="text" value="Your email Address..." onblur="if (this.value == &#39;&#39;) {this.value = &#39;Your email Address...&#39;;}" onfocus="if (this.value == &#39;Your email Address...&#39;) {this.value = &#39;&#39;;}" name="email" />
<input type="hidden" value="MakingDiffrent" name="uri" /><input type="hidden" name="loc" value="en_US" /><input type="submit" value="Subscribe" />

After adding above email subscription box widget to your blog don’t forget to replace above red colored text with your feedburner ID

for more help feel free to ask me in below comment section, and now let’s download this template and apply it to your blog :)


Download Demo
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