This article will explain you a smartest way to do research keywords for your new blog post. There are many keyword research tool in the web, Most of people research keywords using keyword analysis like Google Keyword Planner etc. but it will take hours and even days, so, here is a quick tip for research keywords for the next blog post. :)

This is very simplest and free tool for research high searched keywords from the Google search. I am using this tool since 1-2 months and yeah! it’s worked great for me to stand up me on the first page of Google search. So, i am sure you are crazy to be knowledgeable about this tool. what tool i am talking about is that Google Instant search. Yes, Google help searchers to phrases as they type in the search box. This is best way to speed up your search time, but it also gives us an insight into what the most common searches are on Google.

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So, how will you find best keywords relevant to your next blog post? Well, just go to and begin typing phrases that you think people would search to find your content. As you type, Google will show up suggestions each step of the way of the most related searches. Then use these additional keywords in your next blog post title and in the content.

Still not understand? ooh.. looks like you are newbie in the blogging world.. ;) OK no worry.. let me explain it in details description with the screenshot.

Suppose, if your next blog post is about “Internet marketing” Then search for “Internet marketing a” And look what suggestion google makes for you. for example you can see below screentshot. that Google recommended the search for “Internet marketing articles,Internet marketing agency,Internet marketing an hour a day,Internet marketing advantages and disadvantages

Internet marketing

Internet marketing

Well, you can try any other word instead of “a” and look for very relevant keyword to your next post. then use these keywords in your post title and also in your blog post content. This is fact, it will make your post rank good in the Google search because of these result coming from directly Google. and showing you that what people are searching for.

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If you are not able to place these keywords in your content or title, so there is no chances to get ranked your post on the google search. so, in this situation, you can do one thing is that add these keywords at end of the post as “related to” with the post link. it will work as incoming search result.

Hope this article help you to find best keywords relevant to your next blog post quickly. if you have any questions related to this article feel free to ask by commenting below.  :D