n 16th October 2012 Google introduce a new tool in webmasters tools called Disavow Link Tool. This tool helps you to remove the “low quality” or “unnatural” back link of your website. If you think there are lots of unnatural backlink to your site from other site which can be harmful for your search results (SERP) now you can tell Google to ignore or remove it from your website’s backlink list.

This tool is easy to use but if you don’t have enough knowledge about it so don’t use it because wrong use of it also can harm your search results. The best way to find bad links to your site, go to your webmasters home page than select the particular website and then click on Traffic > Link to your site > who links the most >  and then click on download file in CSV format. But don’t all links of the file firstly you have to rephrase this list and then add it to Disavow Link Tool. For more detailed information please see the image given below



Choose the file of bad links and upload it here. And know more about this update please see this video by Matt Cutts –