Most of the users store pictures, videos, music and many other documents on the SD card to save the space of the internal memory of Android Phones. However, there might be several factors which lead to deleting the storage files accidentally or even intentionally including several other factors such as SD formatting, or even a virus attack! However is it really possible to recover your lost items from the Android Memory Card?


Is Android SD card recovery possible?

If you are thinking about recovery from deleted files in your Android SD, you must take the help of powerful android data recovery software. How does it happen? You might easily think that because of some unexpected accidents or just because of some accidental deletion, you might just lose the files and pictures forever or just because some unexpected errors, the pictures might be deleted! But, this might not just be true even if the files are deleted or permanently removed, it has backup files stilled placed within the memory. With the help of Disk Drill Android Recovery Software, you can get all your files which are stored in your device easily recovered.

What is Disk Drill Android Recovery Software?

Have you deleted an important photo or data from your file? The Disk Drill Recovery Software easy makes it possible for you to get. It never requires a bit of effort and also a time to recover all the data from the Android Tablet. The Disk Drill is one of the most effective tools which are very easy to download and also install to your PC. However, with the help of so many features, Samsung data recovery becomes very easy with just a few steps to follow. All that you need to do is simply to read more in order to get more info of Disk Drill!

Installing Disk Drill

Follow the steps in order to download and install the Disk Drill software and easily recover deleted files from Android!


  1. The first step that you need to follow is to visit in order to download the application. The app is available for both Windows and also Mac OS X in order to get your needs fulfilled.

  2. Once the file has been downloaded, you now need o to the Disk Drill folder and then click on the icon to start the setup wizard.

  3. Drag the application into the Applications folder just when you are done. However, if you wish to use the Disk Drill Application into the portable drag the external drive icon.

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Launching Disk Drill for the First Time

If you are opening the Disk Drill Application for the first time, all that you need to do is to follow the few steps to get started:

  1. Visit the Applications folder where every application is installed and then double click on the icon given in order to launch the Disk Drill.

  2. Once you have opened the files, you now have to enable the recovery vault of the app. Enabling this option will help you to find the deleted files in the future. You can now monitor the disk for the hardware issues or even check out the mount scanning results as a disk. The best thing to do would just be to go for Disk Drill tour to get a quick overview of how to get the recovery done.

  3. The one thing that you need to do is to select all the options you wish and then click on Continue. If you do not want to activate everything now, you do not have to worry because they can be activated later as well.

  4. Now, a pop-up window will appear infront of your screen which will ask you as Disk Drill wishes to make changes to your computer. In order to scan the system, you need to click on to Allow. Now you just have to Type in your Admin password and then click OK in order to continue.

Steps to Recover Files with Disk Drill

After you have just completed installation of Disk Drill application, you now have to follow up a few steps in order to recover all the applications or even the files and the images that were accidentally deleted. So what you need to do is simply to follow the steps in order to get your results.

Step 1: The one thing that you need to do is just to connect your device to your Computer. You can use the USB Debugging technology in order to get the Android Phone connected to the PC. If you are tending to recover files from an external drive such as the SD or even the hard disk, connecting it with the PC is mandatory. You must wait until the device gets recognized by the PC and gets connected to it.

Step 2: Just as soon as you have finished connecting the device to the PC, you now have to quit all the apps which are currently running on your device and are running. The first thing which must come into your mind is to close the applications which might use the access of the Disc you are trying to recover from. It is indeed one of the best things that you can get as once you decided to quit the applications; you can shut the device down!

Step 3: Once the Device is recognized by the computer, you now have to launch the Disk Drill Application on your PC and then get the phone connected with it. After this, you can easily check for data protection or even for a guaranteed recovery which is enabled on the volume you need to recover files from. You now can select the Recover option just next to the volume you have just remounted.

Step 4: You can now click on the Recover option in order to recover the files which are accidentally deleted.

Step 5: Please wait till the Disk Drill application just finishes scanning. However, the time taken for scanning is usually calculated on the volume of bytes in the drive.

Step 6: Once the scanning is done, you can now find the file is already recovered!

So this is how you can easily download the Disk Drill and recover your lost file from Android phone. Remember to download the latest version of Disk Drill!