Working in the airline industry is one of the most glamorous careers in the world, and if you are someone who likes perks that come with your job, there a few jobs more exciting and perk-filled than working for an airline! While almost everyone knows about the boons of free travel, there are a couple of under-acknowledged benefits of working in the airline industry that we would like to draw your attention to. If you are thinking of doing an airport manager course, or even if you are just looking into the industry as a whole, these perks will definitely help you to make up your mind!


Your industry is huge

One of the biggest benefits of working in the airline industry is that you are working as part of a huge team. Airlines have a large number of staff working for them (they have to in order to make the logistics of flying run smoothly!) and as a result you will enjoy a range of benefits that can only come from working for a huge, often international company. Say you want to transfer to a new state, or even a new country? It’s possible.

Plus, it’s often the case that you can do the transfer and still stay working for the same employer, which avoids needing to start from the bottom and work your way up again! Working for an airline means that you get a lot of flexibility in terms of being able to transfer, especially if you are working for a large airline and they have bases around the world.

You get a lot of variety

If you are someone who likes to do the same thing day in, day out, chances are you aren’t going to enjoy working for an airline. However if you are someone who likes a lot of variety, then you are going to enjoy working for an airline a great deal! One of the key traits airlines look for in their employees is that they are adaptive, flexible, and can think on their feet. The amount of flexibility depends on the position have, of course, but considering that the airline industry relies on the weather a great deal, this is a pretty good indicator that variety will happen often!

You work in a fast-paced industry

Just as we mentioned above with variety, you can rest assured that working in an airline means that you will be working in a pretty fast paced environment! Of course if you have a desk job, it may be slightly less so – but this doesn’t mean that there will be any less pressure on you to perform to a high standard! If you are working in a role as something like an airport manager, you’ll love the fast paced action and the ongoing problem solving that you will have to do.

Flexible schedule

It’s great working for an airline, as you will often be able to work a rotating roster or even a flexible roster, which means that you’ll get multiple days off in a row from time to time. This is a great bonus because when you know your roster you will be able to plan exciting things to do in your downtime!

You’ll be active

Depending on the role you take in the airline industry there’s a fairly good chance that you aren’t going to be doing much sitting around! Whether you are signing up as a flight attendant, or are looking to get into a role as a ground crew operator, the roles in the airline industry are active and engaged roles that required dedicated and committed people to work in them.

Is working in an airline for you? We think that working for an airline is one of the most exciting jobs you can have, and if you like travel, working for a fast-paced and adaptive industry and being part of a huge team of dedicated people – we think you’ll love it!