If you are an eBay buyer, then like many others, you find buying the auction items cost-effective and fun, but it does holds many common pitfalls. Today, we are here with a quick guide on buying on eBay, which will help you in knowing whether you going to have a good deal or not. And with just following these tips, you will turn into an eBay Pro in no time.


If you really want to have a positive buying experience on eBay, then you must for these tips which are listed here below.


If you are looking for few aspects other than the price in the auction listing, then it is important to check the feedback of the seller. It will give you an idea that whether you want to do business with the seller or not. Because, if you are not satisfied with the feedback, then it is a complete waste of time to look out for other aspects.


While buying the products on eBay, you really need to remain aware about the shipping cost which will be listed at the end of the listed product or in the product description or under the “shipping, payment details and return policy” heading.


You need to be very careful while reading all the applied conditions, including the guarantees as well as the AS-IS. Do not expect a refund, if your item won’t work properly. So,it is important to read the product description carefully as well as the seller’s return policy before buying the product on eBay. If you don’t find the satisfaction guarantee, then I would suggest not to go for that item.


If you are expecting that the seller’s item will include all the important components, materials as well as the accessories, then you are wrong because it is not necessary to get the product with the same accessories as available at the retail shop. So, it is important to read all the items listed in the product description carefully, especially for one phrase “all original accessories included” and if you are unable to find out the same, then don’t buy the product.


It is a must to check the quality of the listed products through the photos as well as the description. You need to be aware about the stock photos as well as the descriptions, which might be copied from the manufacturer’s site and thus pointing out the fact that the seller doesn’t have the functional or have a low quality product. If the photos and the description show lack of attention, then you must not buy the product.


While buying on eBay, it is important to check all the payment methods because if the auctions are from the marketplace outside the eBay, for instance with an option for PayPal, then you have to ensure that you can pay according to the seller’s terms listed there. There are numerous eBay sellers who don’t make any exceptions in the payment policies.


If you want the product on time, it is important to carefully read about the shipping methods as well as the areas and the locations. All the information associated with the same is always available under the “item location, shipping, payment details and return policy” heading.


You just need to keep a watch out of the tricky language which significantly changes the meaning of the auction or analyse all those shady gotchas in the item and seller’s description. For instance, “Awesome Black Laptop” or “Brand New Apple iPhone in Excellent Condition”.


You must make your own policy for not bidding on those auctions which are associated or showing the common red flags, including the seller’s feedback below 98%; payment through wire transfer or western union; counterfeit or self-copied/illegal items; no return policy and shipping cost and the items with unknown condition or untested ones.


After winning the auction, just ensure to pay quickly as well as notifying the seller about your successful payment being made. Look forward to the seller’s reply too.

Being the India’s largest marketplace, eBay has 1000+ verified sellers as well as daily buyers’ visits of more than 10 lakhs every day. Though started as a bidding and auction website, but now has been developed into a successful E-commerce marketplace. Even they have launched their own deals section, offering huge discounts and offers.

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All the tips which are mentioned above will help you in coming out as a successful eBay shopper. Also, eBay offers the buyers as well as the sellers with numerous opportunities for performing innovative things.