Struggling to find the motivation to study? Want to be top of the class?

Here are some study techniques, used one of the Hogwarts’s top students, Hermione Granger, from the classic Harry Potter series, who has become an inspiration for many young people when it comes to academic success. These tricks can be useful for every college student who wants to ace his exams.


Start Early

This really great piece of advice is often ignored. Hermione read her textbook during vacations before they were assigned to her. It would be a perfect solution for many students if they could read as many books as they can during their vacations. In this way, they would save tons of time during a semester. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for most of the students who have lots of other commitments and busy schedules. But you may try and read at least some of your textbooks in advance.

Try to follow Hermione and never wait until the last moment to start studying. Get started as early as you know what you will have to learn to pass your exam. You will have enough time to revise the material and test your knowledge of some tricky questions.

Ask for Help

You should ask for help if you don’t understand something. Hermione knew that asking someone to help you is necessary if you want to succeed. She wouldn’t have been able to get through her third year if Professor McGonagall hadn’t given her the time turner.

Students actually follow this advice when they get professional help with their challenging college assignments and, for example, search for quality projects at reliable and popular services like FastEssay or any other available on the web. If you are struggling with some complex task, ask your classmates or your professor to help you.

Form a Study Group

It’s always best to study with some friends if you need to learn a lot of things and know that it requires a lot of time. Hermione would always study with Ron and Harry. Although the boys were not as hardworking as she was, she took advantage of that situation. She taught them and in this way, she tested her knowledge and they learned from her.

Be Passionate

Hermione studied so much because she was interested in the subjects. She did extremely well in Muggle Studies but dropped this course and started studying potions although it was very challenging for her.

Hermione allowed herself to take breaks and found time for brewing polyjuice potions, knitting clothes for house elves, and dangerous adventures in the Forbidden Forest. You should also find time for things you are passionate about.

One Last Thing…

Emma Watson who played the part of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter series serves as a role model for millions of girls and young women across the globe. She graduated from an Ivy League school and is successful on many levels. Here is magical study advice she gave to a fan who was studying for her Bio exam: Study hard!

Emma Watson thinks that to achieve success, you have to set goals and do what you really care about, overcoming fear, making mistakes and starting over again.