“Look into the mirror and tell me what you see?” Exclaimed Yul Brenner to his bobsledding comrade when he was lacking confidence in the famous movie ‘Cool Runnings’. He went on to say “I see pride, I see power, I see a bad ass mother, who won’t take no crap off nobody!” After repeating the phrase a few times, the young Junior Beville storms out with his new found confidence. And when we are looking into the mirror, what we want facing back at us isn’t just the physical appeal, but the confidence that glows from within. It’s no secret that the more beautiful looking people get things easier in life. You have the choice to make things better for you physically that will further impact your lifestyle for the better. There are television shows that show the transformation efforts that people go through. And you can be a person that shares a similar story. So if you have been procrastinating by putting excuses to the forefront, it is time to make a change and commit to results. Below are a few ways to get onto the right road when it comes to weight loss.


The exercise option
When it comes to sculpting the body, exercise will always be at the forefront when it comes to committing to achieving your weight loss goals. Even though it isn’t always easy, it is the path to achieving your weight loss success. The best models to follow are bodybuilders who understand exactly how their bodies work and what requirements it needs to get into their desired sculpted shape. We’re not saying that you need to become a bodybuilder yourself, but you can learn valuable lessons and techniques from those who have perfected the craft of body sculpting.

When it comes to weight loss, the exercise method that is required is cardiovascular training. Cardio training helps to burn the fat cell deposits in your body when you have forced your body into a calorie deficit. (Meaning that your body will use the energy reserves from your body to feed itself, thus burning your body’s fat). Rather than focusing on the weight aspect, it would be more accurate to focus on your body fat percentage and commit to minimizing your body fat over a timeframe. If you are looking to achieve a 6-pack, your body fat percentage will be at 10% or less.

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Body sculpting
Some people may view body sculpting as a ‘cheating’ way to get the body that you want, but it is completely the opposite. There are several body parts that store large amounts of fat deposits, such as manboobs and beer bellies, which is often an embarrassing experience for men. The effect is so large that even with the correct exercise and diet, the effect afterwards can make the skin look saggy and unappealing. Hence the need for more cosmetic surgery to ‘tidy-up’ the loose ends.

Diet is an important aspect to control your weight. There is the saying “You are what you eat!” And as you get older and your metabolism slows down, it continues to ring true!

If you haven’t paid attention to what you have been eating, then now is the time to sit down and assess your current eating habits, what type of food and drinks you consume and your portion sizes. If you don’t understand how the human body processes the foods with your body, then you won’t understand how to prevent yourself from gaining weight in the future.

  • One tip is to cut out sugar from your diet. Sugar contains sucrose and is easily stored in your body as fat deposits.
  • Avoid refined products such as white sugar, white flour, white rice, biscuits, white bread and cakes.
  • Read the labeling to check the nutritional contents of what you will be consuming.
  • Ideally, stick to organic. If the food grows naturally, it is good for you and there will be a minimal chance that it can store as fat in your body, provided you eat it in small portions.

A handy book to read is Why Japanese women don’t get old or fat’ and Burn the fat, Feed the muscle’ to get onto the right path when it comes to managing your weight.

If you really want to do something about your weight, you need to stop procrastinating and make the decision to take action. There are several ways to get started. Whether it is through exercise or through cosmetic procedures, make the choice to do something today and improve your life for the better.