Punjabi culture is considered to be the richest one, not in the nation but across the globe too.  A culinary jaunt to Punjab makes every foodie rapt in its finest scrumptiousness.


Presenting rich heritage culture, Punjab excels in restaurants and its food quality. The theme based Punjabi restaurants serves the best Punjabi spices in best authentic way. Since decades, Punjab and Punjabis are enticing the taste buds of the food lovers residing across the boundaries of the world. Wherever you go, you’ll find Punjabi restaurants. You are a Punjabi or not, you will love the cuisines of this place. With each passing day, the popularity for the food is increasing.

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The hot dish of Punjab counts as Sarso Ka Saag (Mustard Green), Makki ki Roti (Corn Flour Loaf) and Lassi (buttermilk).  Apart from this, myriad of choices in dishes and desserts are also there to tentalize your sweet tooth.  Punjabi food best describe the Punjab’s culture which is vibrant, colorful and celebratory. The adaption of the culture will surely never let you feel alone. Be it the colorful wedding, any sort of celebration, Dal-Makhani and Butter Naan, are the USP of Punjab.

Punjabi dishes, has an erstwhile history. The cuisines are cooked in open flames and clay utensils. The food is hygienic and cooked fresh. Even the Indian spices are prepared in an organic and safe environment!

The Punjabis are fun-filled and open hearted people. So is the food. The Punjabified city will leave you overwhelmed every time you visit the place. If you’re visiting India first time, and having high bucket list of things to do, the Taj Mahal takes the first place followed by Punjabi food on second. The food is iconic laded with ghee, butter and lots of love.

I would suggest experiencing the Punjabi food at a typical Punjabi Restaurant always turns out to be a hit. Punjab is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures. The huge variety of appetizing dishes will surely make you fall in love with the place. Punjabi restaurants give you a deep glimpse into the heritage, culture and authenticity of rich bygone Punjab.  It offers both finger licking and lip smacking dishes to the food lovers hailing down from different parts of the world.

Punjabi people treat their guests as God! They serve them as they address their deity. Traditional Punjabi restaurant serves vegetarian Punjabi food in the most regal and royal way. Visit the place and experience the real essence of Punjabi culture.

The state has always strived to extend an unmatchable Indian dining experience. It is famous for its conventional curry, tandoori dishes and many more! The food quality is highly achievable by adhering to a policy set by quality assurance group. The restaurant welcomes you to try luscious, healthy and well-presented Punjabi food. With a comprehensive menu, most popular delights are served to match your needs and choices.

In short, Punjabi food is synonymous to extravagance and grandness. It is the food for the kings. So grab it.. Rejoice it!!