Previously we discussed on how to check and scan your blog/website for viruses and malware, so today i found the new video which was provided by Google, which will helps you to safe your computer and net surfing, Well, as we all know that malware’s are another from virus, it can be harmful for your pc and can get it against you by manipulating some commands and getting everything ruined out,

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Some hackers or programers creates malware and viruses and they try to eject everyone’s computer, i don’t know why, maybe they what to prove their value, or they want to show their power of what can they do, or something like that, but you can take some security to protect your computer, So Google team has provide us some grate and useful tips that can we getting out our computer and works safe from this type of viruses and malware.

So, check below video and protect your computer from malware and viruses.  you can also check out How to protect your blog from blogger automated classification system for protect your blog.