If you find your small business to be apart of the growing number that attends a large number of trade shows every year, it will not take long for you to understand how much you rely on your trade show exhibit to attract attention. It is just as important as figuring out the pitch itself and sometimes is even more-so because it is the first thing anybody sees. They are worth investing into, but the trick is to ensure that the budget reflects the revenue that it will bring in. Portable trade show display booths are a cost-effective option for those who find themselves on a budget.

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Most small companies cannot justify spending money on an elaborate trade show exhibit, but luckily for them, portable displays come in a wide array of styles and options. They can be as simple as table top displays and banners to pop up-exhibits. And these are just a few among many different options. They can be compact when space is a concern or attention-seeking when you have more room to work with. Regardless of the form they come in, the ultimate goal is of course exhibit marketing and and promotion. This is the key component in the displays, and one of the main purposes of attending a trade show in the first place. They are supposed to give an accurate representation of the brand in a quick and digestible way to anyone that passes. This will attract people to the brand since they understand what it is and what to expect from it. Branding makes the business more approachable and friendly to the average person.

Key Features

There are a couple things to keep in mind when building a portable display. As simple as it might seem, it’s important to make sure they are:

Portable: This should go without saying. If you are attending multiple shows you want to make sure that they are easily transported. One that has to be fought to assemble and disassemble will not last long. Not only does it leave room for error and damage, the motivation to bring a difficult display along won’t be present. If the display is worth the investment then it should last for a long time.

Flexible: This applies in a figurative sense. If you and your company are attending multiple trade shows, the display should be appropriate in each one of these venues. The display should properly represent the brand and product or service, while also making it clear why it fits into the environment in which it is being advertised. It should easily fit in trade show exhibits, convention, and fairs, but also in meetings and pitches.

Cost-Effective: Portable displays tend to be less expensive than their exhibit booth counterparts because of their size and the lightweight materials they are made out of. This also means that they are earlier to assemble. Another added benefit go this is that the cost is less expensive as a result. The materials are less in the immediate, but no extra manpower or hired labour is necessary to assemble and dismantle the displays.

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Durability: The final characteristic that a portable display should possess is durability. Despite the lighter materials used in the construction, the display needs to be able to withstand use, travel, and hundreds of visitors. There is no point in investing money into a tool that will be out-of-commission in little time.
Personality: When it comes to marketing, personality and branding are synonymous. A portable display booth is an advertising tool used to portray the true value and purpose of a brand. It allows people to identify with it so that they can feel comfortable approaching the booth. They feel more at home once they have an idea of what it is. This is why proper thought should be placed into the visuals, colours, and overall aesthetic of the display. It tells customers a story.

Hiring Advertisers

The best way to ensure a quality portable display or custom trade show booth design is to hire a professional. This will promise that your exhibit outshine the others because they know the best way to represent a brand thanks to years of experience. Not to mention it gives you time to better prepare for the trade show, rather than worrying about the booth and displays.