According to a survey conducted by RedShift Research and the web hosting giant GoDaddy, a staggering 63% of Indians companies do not have a digital presence. Although these numbers are from a couple of years ago, if you happen to conduct a brief asking around you will find that a significant number of home business owners or small entrepreneurs have still not explored the avenues of promoting their business online. Lack of information and unsure about how to initiate web development is the primary reason for this hesitation.

Some of the key challenges are-

  • How to estimate the total cost of web development?
  • How to hire a good web designer?
  • How to promote the website?
  • How to manage the day to day operation of the website?


For business an owner, who has a limited technical understanding, the answer to these questions can be confusing as well as overwhelming. For instance, if you live in Kolkata, naturally you will look for web designers in Kolkata. Similarly, once the development of the website is over, what is the next step? With platforms like UrbanClap connecting with resources for your web development needs is no longer a worry. This is because you can find web designers, digital marketers and graphics designers in your city.

UrbanClap website designers will come to your assistance at every step so that your business can optimize the digital space. Here is the step by step guide.

Helps You Find the Best Web Designer in Your City

With UrbanClap you can find a host of web designers in your city. You can pre-define your budget, project details, and other pre-requisite. As soon as you raise your requirement through the app, web designers will reach out to you. Pick the one who fulfills your requirement. After a preliminary discussion, the designer will initiate the designing and development of the website. Since you have already stated your budget you don’t have to indulge in unnecessary haggling. Secondly, the web designers listed on the website are through professional. UrbanClap follows a very stringent rating system. All professionals are expected to deliver the work within a stipulated period. Therefore, there is no unwarranted escalation of cost or delays.

Connects You with Digital Market Service Provider

Once Your Website is ready, the next step is website promotion. To boost the web traffic on your website, you will have to implement an online marketing strategy. SEO, social media optimization, affiliate marketing, pay per click campaigns, website promotion is popular online marketing strategies that require professional input.

Although large enterprises have the requisite resources to hire dedicated resources for such activities, small business owners do not have that luxury. This is when platforms like UrbanClap can come to your rescue. Once again, you can find a digital marketer that fits your budget.

Website Support

Thanks to shared web servers, handling day to day operation of the website is no longer a problem. Today, websites are premised upon CMS or Content Management Systems that allows business owners with zero technical expertise to manage the website efficiently. All tasks involving adding new content to the website, answering user queries, checking new orders, replying to message or including a new service to the website is no hassle at all.

This is a well-sorted arrangement for an entry level website. However, if you are website is intricate and involves periodic maintenance and bug fixing, you will require additional support. Some web designer includes after support in their offering. Alternately, you can also hire a dedicated web development company for website support.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking to hire a web designer in Kolkata or any other city, UrbanClap is a one stop solution for your needs. Business requirements are dynamic, and one bill doesn’t fit all. Depending on the complexity of the project and the skillet set required to pull a web development effort, you can hire dedicated resources and team to kick start a digital presence for your business.