If there is one thing everyone about the online blogosphere that everyone will agree to, it is that content is undoubtedly the backbone of the online industry. All the online blogs and websites ultimately rely on their content for them to fetch their traffic. This need for content, keeping in mind the number of website on the internet has given rise to a whole new area of employment, known as content creation. While there are software too that can create content for you to publish online, nothing comes close to the content created by an individual. This content is present in a number of forms including pictures, videos, audio etc. but most of it is written content. This is where the concept of plagiarism comes in.

To put it in simple words, plagiarism is the process of copying someone else’s work and displaying it as your own. Without giving them credit where’s due. Plagiarism can be a major issue when you have content creators creating content for you. This is where plagiarism checker tools come I handy and one such tool that we’re going to talk about today is Plagramme.

Plagramme is unlike any other plagiarism toll you have ever seen before and we say this not because this is a promotional article but because Plagramme boasts of some very useful features that we’ve not seen on any other tool before.


Here are some of these features:

Multi-lingual support

The online blogosphere is mainly based in English but then there are a number of other regional languages that occupy a considerable portion. While most plagiarism checking tools work very well when checking English content, not many of these work with regional languages. Plagramme on the other hand has multi-lingual support. Not only that, if an article has been copied and translated into another language, Plagramme will detect that too.

Links to original source

Most checking tools simply point out that your content has been copied and mark the copied content for you. Plagramme takes this functionality to the next level and not only marks the copied content for you but also lists the links to the sources from where each part of the content has been copied. This way you will have proof of the content being copied and then can confront your content creator about it.


Regular plagiarism checkers do not mark quotes that have been put in the inverted commas (“) as plagiarized content andthis is how a great deal of the plagiarized content goes undetected. However, Plagramme keepsthis and other methods of copying content in mind.

Paraphrase detection

It is a common practice among bloggers/writers to rearrange the copied content in such a way so that it cannot be detected as plagiarized. Plagramme comes with a feature which can detect paraphrased plagiarism too.

After trying out and using Plagramme for a considerable period of time, we have to say that this is a plagiarism checking tool unlike anything we’ve seen before. All the above mentioned features combined with the basic functionality make Plagramme one of the best, if not the best plagiarism checking tool available out there. So do give it a try yourself here http://www.plagramme.com/.