Bloggers and webmaster’s hurtful moment is that when they found their original content copied or published somewhere else. i know that feelings when someone copies your content and publish on their blog or site without your permission. If you want to claim the ownership of your content or want to check your article is original or copied that provided by your writers, you may use some of free online plagiarism checkers (Copyscape Alternatives). You can use these tool for totally free and do not require any downloads or signup. Personally i used these tools and all are give almost accurate results by comparing the content that you enter all over web for any other possible presence or close resemblance.

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The Plagiarism Checker : This tool will help you to find every sentence of an article, you have to just paste what you want to check in the blank box and click “check the paper” button or also you can upload word file containing your text. this tool is suitable for every kind of treatise. so, don’t pay attention on the word “student” in the introduction box.


Small SEO Tools – Plagiarism Checker : This is another good plagiarism checker tool that offered by this site. there you will see five samples are that you have a try before using it. you have to just paste your article and click on “check Unique”. after the check, you will notic percentage which shows how your article is uniqueness

3 : This tool is also counted in best plagiarism checker. There you will see the search box on the homepage, you have to just enter you article on and click on Search button to find out webpages where your artilce is copied and published. it is exclusively designed for publishers. I like one thing in this tool is that we can create a google alert, so we can receive emails everytime when new posts similer to yours are detected.


Dupli Checker : As you can see on the top of the homepage, over a million people have visited this website to check for plagiarism. there is very simple steps that you have follow them to check plagiarism. you can search more than 2000 words at once. also .doc, .Docx and txt files are allowed to be upload and checked.


Article Checker : When You visit this site first time, then you will little confusing in how to use this tool and also you will soon find it helpful. There are three box available, first and third box will help you to check a webpage and the second one lets you check texts. You can select Google or Yahoo! to check since the result of different search engine.


Plagiarism Checker (Google) : Last but not least, Plagiarism Checker (Google) is an another best and free tool to detect plagiarised content online. Offering two simple ways to check any document or webpage content for plagiarism, First one is to copy and paste the text you want to check for plagiarism in a text area box(Maximum 1500 words limit per search), click on “Search” button, Once you click on search button, You will be redirected to result page within few seconds. Second method of checking for plagiarism is by inserting a document. All you have to just browse and select the document you want to check for plagiarism from your computer/PC and click “Attach” to upload the file of document, Once it uploaded successfully, Click “Search” button to scan document for plagiarism.

7 : DomyPapers helps people tremendously in building their writing skills. It is a good quality and experienced writing services, which gives a plagiarism-free guarantee to its users. In simple words, it means that it helps in checking the papers which the users upload for plagiarism before giving the output. They make sure of the originality of the work and it works on specially designed plagiarism detection software. They do not put the loyalty and the trust of their customers at risk by jeopardizing the plagiarism-free guarantee. They easily connect the users in getting their papers done and help them in improving their paper writing skills. They are one of the best custom and quality writing services which significantly help people in meeting their writing needs in any area, including the book reports, business plans, speeches, homework and more. It is one of the most reliable custom writing services available online.

So, Theses 100% free online plagiarism checker will help you to eliminate any piracy so soon as you will find it.

Don’t forget to share that which of the checker fits best according to your needs in the comments below :D