Since i used Photoshop to creating realistic product screenshots, and it had taken more than one hour. but now, made it very easy and simple even none-technical person can create their realistic product screenshots in seconds, all without Photoshop.

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Placeit is a free service, launched by responsive site builder Breezi, that allows you to upload the screenshot of your prototype and git it placed in different devices and environments.

You have to just upload your screenshot or put your blog, site URL, wait a few seconds and then your screenshot is ready! It will automatically generate and create attractive renderings.

As you can see in the samples below, that look like very impressive that i don’t think i can make it using Photoshop too. :P for creating in Photoshop or using any other tools, you must have good skill and significantly more times.


Placeit helps you to create impressive and attractive realistic product screenshots in no time. that you can use it for show of your latest site or app design to a client or you can make it as your Facebook timeline cover photo or so on… :)