The Caribbean is one of those destinations with so many choices it can make even the seasoned traveler overwhelmed. With dozens of different itineraries and ship amenities, selecting the perfect cruise for your family requires extensive research. Many trips are considerable investments as well, making it critical to get the most for your dollar each vacation day. Pick the right cruise vacation for your needs with a few ideas in mind.


Cruise Ship Saturation : Of all the regions in the world, the Caribbean tends to be heavy with cruise ships. Most islands are so small that visiting by water is often the only feasible solution for locals and visitors alike. The sheer volume of available cruise ships makes it easy for you to have as much versatility as possible. Kid-friendly ships are popular, but you can also opt for a couples-only vessel as well. Match your personal needs to a cruise line and start booking.

Looking for History? : Cruising isn’t always about being on the ship. Many Caribbean cruises visit the Eastern Mexican coast, allowing you to see ancient ruins during port days. Consider a trip to Cozumel or other Mexican port to see all the local history. Certain islands have their historical value too, so do your research to find the right matches for you. Cruise lines often cater to different tastes to create their itineraries. Where some trips are filled with beach-heavy activities, others have a more educational aspect to each port.

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Sea Days are the Life : If you’re looking forward to finishing a favorite book or just relaxing the mind, try cruises geared toward sea days. Although you’ll have some port days, taking a longer cruise out to the Eastern Caribbean often includes more sea days because of the traveling distance. Watch the water pass by gently as you bask in the sun or relax with some coffee at an on-board diner. Your daily activities are up to you and the prevailing ship programs.

Shopping Central : The Caribbean is one of the most popular places in the world to shop for jewelry and other treasures. Select a cruise itinerary with a port nearly every day to maximize shopping opportunities. Ship personnel may even offer programs and meetings about potential purchases to help you spend wisely. From diamonds to gold, a shopping adventure in the Caribbean is best done with many ports to choose from so different vendors can show off their wares.

Excursion Limitations : Novice cruisers may decide on a ship based on the available excursions. Although these port outings are a major part of your vacation activities, you don’t have to rely on the cruise line for all your entertainment. Vendors typically fill port areas to offer their services to visitors. Simply hop off the ship to explore. You may find an excursion perfect for your needs at a great price. Vendors want you to be happy with their services so you’ll send more business their way. They make it a point to show you a good time while returning to the ship well before it embarks.

Whether you rely on your Outdoor Traveler guide or cruise ship director to show you the sights, any Caribbean adventure is worth the time and money. The turquoise water and white sand beaches only lull you into a relaxing state, making you ready to explore any island with fresh eyes and an open heart.