I recently came across PicApp.net, an easy-to-use tool for generating beautiful app images created by the team at AppDemoStore.com, and really enjoyed the ride. Mostly I liked it because is easy to use, requires no technical skills or extra installs and, best of all, I can download all generated images for free in low resolution.

The tool is mainly for marketing professionals (with no design skills), but it does a great job also for the designers who got bored to do the screenshot-work manually and want to free their time for more artistic work.


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How do it work?

You have to upload a screenshot of your app to the PicApp Website and the tool will do the magic and place it within some quality staging environments. Once you decided for the image that suits your app best, you can download it either for free in low resolution or in high resolution for as little as $5.

At the moment of this review, the following device frames can be added to your app screenshot: iPhone 6, Apple Watch, iPad Air, HTC One M8, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Apple Mac, Asus Zenbook – most of them come up with both transparent-background and image-background stages. I’m sure PicApp will expend its gallery with the latest devices.

Picapp Generator

Upload app screenshot and choose between quality staging environments

PicApp.net versus other similar tools?

There are some similar tools on the market, but PicApp’s biggest differentiator is the fact that the images you upload will not be stored on their servers. Your images will not be send to the cloud, but processed right in your browser. That makes PicApp the only tool of its kind on the market that you can trust for private images.

Another powerful differentiator is the pricing strategy. As its big brother at AppDemoStore.com, PicApp is built on the Freemium model. You can download as many generated images as you wish for free, if you choose the low resolution option. You only have to pay for the high resolution images, but the download price of $5 is relatively low compared to other similar tools.


To sum up, if you have an app and you’re eager to show it to your prospective customers or investors, feel free to use PicApp.net to generate high quality visual content – even if your app is not released yet! You will not be disappointed, believe me.

Below are some inspiring examples of products screenshots created with PicApp.net. In the end, we all believe in “Pics or it didn’t happen”, right?

Picapp App pic generator

Pic app Generated screenshot