Phone cases protect your phone from dents, scratches and spillage, or when you accidentally drop them. But there are some cases which don’t just protect your phone; they do more than that. Here’s a list of some phone cases with features that offer more than protection.


Battery cases

A case that protects your phone is great but one that also charges your phone is even better. There are battery cases for almost all phones. Apple’s iPhone Battery Case fits the iPhone 7 snugly. The battery’s status shows on the phone’s screen and you get the notification too, so you always know how much time is left before your phone is completely drained. The smart battery case increases the talk time of iPhone 7 by 24 hours and iPhone 6 by 26 hours. You can charge both the case and the phone simultaneously by connecting a lightning cable to the case. These cases are available in multiple colours. Get it from Amazon

Toolkit case

Lovers of Swiss knives will love this case which has a complete tool set, including screwdrivers, springing scissors, nail cleaner and nail file. This case is for those who love to tinker with things as well as for those who love filing their nails in their free time. Buy from amazon.

LED case

This is not a case which sits idle – it can display any graphics, text and animation that you want. A unique cover for those who love to be noticed.

Wallet cases

Carrying your iPhone and a wallet may be too cumbersome for you. The wallet case gives you the freedom to move around with only your phone, as you can carry some cash and cards within the case itself. The most popular wallet phone case is the folio style, which folds over the phone, covering the back and the front. Some folio wallet style cases have pockets for ID, credit cards and business cards as well. Some of these fold to kickstands which are actually quite handy.

Wallet cases can also be slim and stylish with space just enough for about two cards, and have air cushioning technology to keep your iPhone safe. Case Haven stocks iPhone 8 cases in many different styles, including the wallet style.

Wristlet cases

Wristlets which are specifically designed for your iPhone make good covers for your phone. They can carry more things than a folio style wallet case while providing overall protection for your phone. Most of these wristlets are available on leather and come in colors like rose gold, black, iridescent etc. Wristlet style is available for both iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 plus.

Modular cases

Modular cases have magnetic backs to which you can attach different accessories. You can snap off the accessories whenever you want to. The style is usually simple, being form-fitting and compact. Some modular cases have the option to fit three types of accessories at the back – a wallet, kickstand type folio or battery pack.

iPhones are sturdy phones but dropping them can damage the screen. Some modular cases are designed in a way that they have add-ons to extend the functionality of the phone. Apart from battery pack and wallet, they also have speakers, extra storage space, camera lenses and so on.

Waterproof cases

For those who like to go sailing or are around water most of their time, waterproof cases to protect their iPhone is a necessity. Adventurers who like to go biking will be happy with a waterproof case which can be attached to their bikes. If you love clicking photos of nature, you can buy a case which is equipped with a wide-angle camera. Imagine standing next to a waterfall or beneath one and clicking memorable photos with the help of your waterproof case without having to worry about water splashing on your phone! Get it from Amazon.

The selfie case

There’s hardly anyone who does not like to click selfies. Sometimes the light might be too less to give you a good click, but if you are an avid selfie taker, an illuminated case which will add a glow to your face every time is just the one for you. Or maybe, you can gift it to asibling or a friend who is crazy about selfies.

Keyboard case

This case is for writers and students or others with pudgy fingers – the attachable keyboard makes it easier to type, whenever and wherever you are. As you cannot write a whole story or article using the touchscreen, the keyboard can help in a big way. Buy from amazon.

Earbud case

If you love listening to music or audiobooks or podcasts, there are phone cases which can keep your earbuds in place. The case has retractable earbuds, which means you don’t have to keep track of your buds all the time. Besides, the earbuds don’t get tangled up when you’re not using them.

Fanny pack cases

If you travel frequently, then the fanny pack case is the one for you. In fact, it’s so versatile, that you can carry it around with you whenever you’re out. You can carry your keys, money, cards and of course, your phone around in fanny pack cases. Get it from amazon.

SIM, Stand battery case

You can also find a case which will not only give you extra battery but also unfolds to be a dock/stand. Not only that, such cases also have a miniscule drawer to carry an extra SIM card, which is great for globe trotters. You can use a temporary SIM while you’re in a foreign country and store your original SIM card in the slot provided in the phone case.

Tripod stabilizer, lighter and bottle opener

Another case which you may like if you like camping or if you’re a party animal, is the one that functions as a lighter, can open bottles and stabilizes your tripod while you’re out having fun. buy from amazon.

Phone cases protect phones, which is their main function. But if you are buying a case, then it is often a better idea to buy one that comes with more functions to suit your needs.Pick any phone case from the ones we’ve discussed above. We’re sure you won’t go back to simple phone cases once you give them a try.