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Ryan Gosling


Ryan_Gosling_Cannes_2014Ryan Gosling was born in London, Canada, in 1980. This Canadian actor has been in the business since childhood, appearing on numerous entertainment news and celebrity gossip sites. His breakout part, however, came in 2004 when The Notebook turned him into a favorite leading man. Gosling and his partner, actress and model Eva Mendes, are expecting their first child.

Gosling was only 12 when he was cast in the Mickey Mouse Club. This meant a move to Orlando, Florida, in 1993. He was not the only cast member to become a star. Others in the Club cast included Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. In fact, Timberlake’s mother assumed custody of Gosling to allow his family to remain in Canada. The show didn’t stay on the air past 1995, but Gosling continued to act in television teen movies. He was in 41 episodes of the short-lived teen show Breaker High. He then had the starring role in Young Hercules, another short-lived teen series.

At 19, Gosling decided to pursue a serious acting career. His first part was a supporting role in Remember the Titans. He started doing independent films and almost immediately won personal success in The Believer. In this 2001 drama, Gosling played a Jewish neo-Nazi. His acting won the attention of critics, but the film was too controversial to make it to the big screen. Murder by Numbers, on the other hand, was much more commercial, and it also led to Gosling dating his costar Sandra Bullock for a short time.

In 2004, The Notebook won him an MTV Award and a Teen Choice Award, but Gosling continued to make independent films, clearly relishing the chance to play challenging roles. This included a murderer in the United States of Leland, a mentally-unstable art student in Stay, and a drug-addicted teacher in Half Nelson. The off-beat comedy Lars and the Real Girl won him a Golden Globe Award nomination. After costarring with Anthony Hopkins in Fracture in 2007, Gosling didn’t act in movies again until 2010. In 2011, he had another breakout role in the movie Crazy, Stupid Love. His best movie so far in terms of ticket sales, the movie also won him another Golden Globe nomination.

When he isn’t acting, Gosling stays busy with other pursuits. He has tried his hand at directing a documentary and a movie. He has also performed with Dead Man’s Bones, his indie rock band. Although his official residence is in New York City, Gosling is an active co-owner of a restaurant in Los Angeles. He is also involved in many good causes, including animals rights with PETA and African peace initiatives with the Enough Project.

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