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John Warnock


John-WarnockJohn Warnock is an American Computer Scientist born in 1940 in the City Utah, United States.

He is the co-founder of the graphics and publishing software company, Adobe Systems Inc, along with Charles Geschke.

For the first 2 years, he was the President of Adobe and for the rest 16 years, he remained the CEO and Chairman of Adobe. In the year 1991, he sketched Camelot, a system which was evolved into PDF (Portable Document Format) file-format. He has been honoured and awarded with the Marconi Prize in 2010, Computer Entrepreneur Award in 2008 and many other awards.

He quotes,

“What I try to do is factor in how people use computers, what people’s problems are, and how these technologies can get applied to those problems. Then I try to direct the various product groups to act on this information.”

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