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Christopher Sholes


Christopher SholesThe full name of Christopher Sholes is Christopher Latham Sholes born in the year 1819 was an American inventor who was a Wisconsin politician as well as a newspaper publisher. He was the person who first invented a practical typewriter followed by a QWERTY keyboard, which are the modern keyboards we are using today with our computers. Though the typewriters were invented in the early 1714, but the one which was commercially successful was by Christopher Sholes.

Christopher Sholes is famously known as “The Father of the typewriter” and “The Inventor of the QWERTY keyboard”. In 1868, he designed the first modern typewriter and refined it for the next five years. He did arrange all the keys in an alphabetical order, but unfortunately the mechanical bars jammed onto the paper, and thus he rearranged it in a QWERTY format. He died at the age of 71 in the year 1890.

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