Ever found yourself in a situation when you are busy with your exams or other piled up things and the last date of your assignments submission coming near? Isn’t it really a situation of being anxious? Ever faced a situation when you are running out of time and your assignments are due? Do you think that it is legal to pay for homework?

I asked so many questions. Do you have an answer to any of these?


The question which is floating around the people nowadays is that ‘Is it illegal to pay for homework?”
This question has become one of the biggest unsolved questions of the year. A simple answer, NO! It is not. In fact, there are a number of places from where you can get your homework done, but you have to pay them.

There are a number of freelance websites, like Freelancer.com or Odesk.com where you have to post the job asking people to complete your homework. You just have to mention the price which you are willing to pay along with the guidelines and people who will be interested in doing your homework will bid for the same. You can even hire someone from Fiverr.com because here you can post about the job or hire someone directly from the homework completion services.

You people won’t believe that we have a large number of people out there merged together into one as a market where they work to earn side money by offering their homework completion services. Though paying for homework is not illegal, yet the question arise that ‘whether it is moral and ethical?’

In simple words, morality is a subjective term and can be best answered by those people who are willing to buy the homework completion services. Plagiarism is something which is not taken lightly by the schools. Paying for your homework is not acceptable by the educational institutions and considered a cheating. And if you are caught while paying for the homework, then you have to face a number of consequences including:

  • Failing grades
  • Kicked out of class
  • Removal at college level
  • Stripped of the degree
  • Imposed with a fine
  • Punishment to both, paying for homework and one who is doing the homework

There are a number of ways when it comes to paying for homework. You can pay someone for doing your homework of one subject and handle other homework on your own. You can go with Craiglist to hire someone or to other freelancing websites. But before hiring someone, do remember that if you are caught, then you have to face the consequences.

Sometimes it is quite really normal thing to hit the brick wall because at times, our mind goes blank suddenly and we just can’t even think to complete our work on time. This is the moment when our frustration lands in. NO! Don’t give up. It is the time to look out for authentic writing services that can help you in completing your homework on time and you just have to pay them.

People do think that ‘Is it legitimate to pay for homework?’ I would say, YES, it is perfectly legal. When it is about raising your grades and you have your homework piled up, it is the time when you can hire someone to complete your homework. Most of the people don’t write their own stuff, for instance, the politician’s speech, college student’s essays and much more. Apart from buying the essays online, now you can get your homework done by paying them.

The ‘Pay for Homework’ trend is increasing and even the internet has sped up at a fast rate with a number of writing and homework services online. But you really have to be choosy while picking up the one. And yes, we have the social media now which can help you with their abundance of comments on these websites helping you in deciding which one is perfect and reliable.

You people might be thinking that what we think about paying for homework. We would just say that it is perfectly legal to pay for homework, but prefer getting your homework done only when you are not in a situation to do it or else prefer doing on your own.