Often times we need to go somewhere or do something that requires we have a legitimate ID. There’s no way around it and it has to be done. Some might get off easy if they only need to bring an ID they already have, for additional information take a look at lintechtt. But sometimes, you need to have a passport and if you don’t have one already you’re probably dreading the experience of making one due to how slow the system can move at times. If you don’t want to waste an entire day out doing basically nothing, you can take your passport at home just as well. It can be just as professional looking as those made at the studio and you can make them so that you’re not making it difficult for the passport scanner to read them. Here are the things you need to know for your home made passport photos:


Don’t do anything drastic to your hair

Take in mind that the way you look in your passport photo should reflect how you look in a regular day. Yes, you should tidy up and take care of your hair a bit, but don’t do anything drastic or extravagant to a level that you’ll never see yourself achieve ever again. Keep it simple and casual.

Don’t overdo makeup

If you use makeup, make sure no to use too much. You should keep things as usual and put on approximately the same amount as you always use. Just like with the hair, overdoing it will look unnatural, which isn’t what you want to achieve with your passport photo. Most importantly, it won’t look like you, which is a pretty bad thing when it comes to your passport.

Dress the right way

You don’t have to rent a tux or a dress when it comes to your passport photo, but you can take it up a notch from your casual, daily wardrobe. Your image will be immortalized for a really long time (until you renew it) so it’s important that you look dashing or charming. Try not to dress all white or all black, or as a matter of fact try to avoid those colors as much as possible. The reason for this is that you will be taking the photo against a completely white or black background. Needless to say, it can be quite confusing if you dress the same color as your background.

Make sure that you don’t wear any type of uniforms. Any kind of attire that is or resembles a uniform is forbidden. The exception from this rule comes for religious wardrobes or uniforms although you might want to investigate the situation first just to be sure.

A good way to make it so that the pictures come out great looking is to use clothes that really compliment your skin tone. This is a common practice that has succeeded to great extents over the years.

Make sure it’s different

If this is your first photo then you don’t have to worry about this. However, if you are renewing your existing passport this time around, you need to make sure that the two photos don’t resemble each other. In this case, the passport office might consider that it’s not easy enough to tell that the more recent one is more, well, recent. Keep that in mind when it comes to choosing your hairstyle and wardrobe.

Check regulations

When it comes to how passport photos have to look, there are certain regulations that need to be respected. These are imposed by the government and you need to respect these criteria in order for the photos to be accepted. The regulations can change from time to time so regardless of when you’re reading this, you’d better check and see what the actualized version of these regulations is.

Posture and Expression

These factors have quite the importance when it comes to passport photos. It is generally allowed to either smile naturally or to show a neutral expression. A natural smile is considered that which does not show your teeth. You can try those as well as a subtle smile. See which one works best for you and snap it on tape.