Shopping for your other half as Valentine’s Day looms can be daunting. No matter how long you’ve been together, it can be tricky to navigate through the aisles of derivative gift deals to find the perfect present for your partner. If you’re stuck for ideas and searching for something a little more original, it might be worth considering some do-it-yourself alternatives instead.

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Make A Meal Out Of It

When it comes to ranking treasured memories, those first dates and romantic meals for two tend to top most lists. Crank up the nostalgia with evocative flavours and revisit the very first place the pair of you shared your first meal over candlelight. Better still, why not put together a personalised picnic of all their favourites and treat your other half to an impromptu lunch. If you’ve more flair in the kitchen, why not whip up a spectacular supper, with each course designed to stoke up memories of your time together.

Revisit Special Places

If you’ve been together a while, you’ve no doubt shared at least one holiday or break abroad together. If you’ve the budget to spare, it might be worth checking the price of travel fares and overnight accommodation in favoured cities and resorts. Recapture the magic of your first trip away together and enjoy a walk down memory lane while making plenty of new ones. If you can’t find the time off work and your bank balance won’t stretch to an international adventure, why not make up a goodie bag of smaller gifts inspired by those far-flung places the two of you hold dear in your hearts.

Create A Memory Box

When it comes to romantic gestures, letting your partner know you remember the good times is one of the best. A memory box isn’t just a great gift idea in its own right, it’s an ideal way of revisiting some of the happiest chapters in your relationship. Cast your mind back to all those happy holidays, fun-filled Christmases and action-packed weekends and buy gifts to remind your spouse of specific memories. The perfect choice if you’re on a budget, you can be as generous or frugal as you need to be with gifts here.

Keep It Simple With Vouchers

Vouchers might seem boring, but if you’re unsure of what exactly to buy your other half, they can be a safe bet and save you wasting money on an unwanted gift. That being said, they can seem a little bit impersonal. Make sure there’s at least some thought into the kind of voucher you’re buying. Does your other half love their music? Grab a voucher for their favourite download service or record shop, then wrap up the package in music inspired paper and trimmings. Looking for a fabulous gift for a foodie? Invest in some restaurant or cookware vouchers, then bundle with mini treats and nibbles before you exchange gifts.

Name A Star

When it comes to making a lasting impression, there’s few grander gifts than naming a star. The website “buy a star uk” offers you the chance to name a star visible to the naked eye, allowing your chosen recipient the chance to enjoy their gift every single night for the rest of their lives. Naming a star isn’t just a superb idea for Valentine’s Day, it can be used to commemorate all kinds of relationship landmarks and anniversaries.