The concept of working from home has been popularized by Amazon and Jet Blue, which tout worker independence, productivity benefits, and increasing employee thirst for finishing projects early.

A Stanford study revealed that enabling employees to work from home increased productivity for one organization by 30 percent. There are several benefits to having staffers work from home, but while you’re reaping them, there are some unique challenges to overcome as well.

The main difficulty is keeping employees accountable or sharing documents when you can’t just pop by someone’s desk. Fortunately, there’s a list of online tools that can help you navigate such challenges.

Online Tools to Keep In Touch With “Work At Home” Employees

Here are the solutions to your problems:

1. VoIP video conferencing tools
Business VoIP video conferencing is extremely beneficial as it reduces overall operating costs and helps business departments train employees and make them accountable with feedback and warnings. The technology brings cohesiveness to firms by encouraging real-time collaboration while helping businesses develop deeper levels of communication with employees.

The technology is now available in high definition, which is perfect for the public sector and private enterprises. With cloud-hosted PBX service, you can increase employee interaction and drastically improve employee accountability. Always choose a tool that has a company backing it up with technology specialists striving to work with customers to exceed their expectations.

2. Project management tools
You need these tools to communicate with your employees and manage projects without sending hundreds of emails. Cloud-based project management tools will help you organize tasks by projects and track conversations about project updates. This reduces the time spent on emails, giving you and your staff members more time to get the actual work done.

Then there are tools that enable workers to check in to the project each day, and the tool tracks their time while automatically entering attendance in weekly time sheets. You can even see random screenshots to ensure employees are truly on task.

The technology has become so advanced that not only you get a screenshot every half hour or so, but you can also track mouse movements and keyboard strokes, which gives an indication that employees were indeed on the PC and didn’t just login and leave.

If you are looking for reliable and easy-to-use document collaboration and a project management tool, then we would recommend you to go with WorkZone. It is one of the best battle-tested project management tools. This web-based management software is not only user-friendly but even one of the most sophisticated software which makes it the perfect choice for the people working in the real-world business environments.

3. Interactive tools
Did you know that you can now use an interactive whiteboard to demonstrate workflows to work-at-home employees? These are great tools for creating concepts, brainstorming, and collecting references.

Moreover, you can add images, files and documents from Google Drive and your PC, as well as explore integrated libraries of wireframes, icons, and other content ready to be integrated into the interactive whiteboard.

Some companies even offer hand-crafted templates to help companies fire up their projects and get a head start on any task. Interactive whiteboard tools have a feature where employees can turn their feedback into presentations.

4. Social networking tools
Ever heard of an internal social network? Enterprise social networking tools are great way to keep in touch with work-at-home employees and share ideas. You can use them to share cool articles, online videos, and other content you find interesting. Employees can chat with each other and leave their thoughts for the manager.

With an always-on chat room, you and the employees can hang out together at any time. Automatic notifications keep you informed of all the happenings – new comments on posts, support emails, and code pushes for the engineering bunch.